1 John 1:9, my favorite verse


If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Is there a more beautiful, comforting verse than this? It’s really helped me overcome scrupolosity.


Totally agree! Thanks.


Qaz, be of good cheer. We’ve been over 1 John 3.9 a number of times on the forum, and context and word study shows that those verses are not at war with one another.
Most of us know the very hard battle you have fought over the years, with scrupulosity. Don’t be thrown off track with one offhand remark, ok?


What is this in response to?


It was withdrawn, apparently. No big deal.


Something Gabe said? Now I’m curious.


Maybe drop him a PM or something? I did not save a copy of his post. It was something about the tension between your verse and a verse later on in 1 John. Something that has been discussed here before.
I’m off to bed…


I withdrew my post because I didn’t initially consider how it might negatively impact you. So after reading Dave’s post, I decided to withdraw it.


You’re a good and honest guy, Gabe, and so is Qaz. I knew that you meant no harm. Thank you.


I can handle reading things that are unsettling.