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A faith journey - what do you recognise?

I encourage you to think about faith and in particular your journey of faith. If you were to imagine it, what would it look like? In the following post I outline a faith journey and I invite you to come along. Can you recognise in it elements of your own journey? Can you work out to what the concepts it describes relate? (spoiler: it has a universalist ending)

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I’ve made a small but important addition to the allegory in the OP towards the end:

“Your small team heads forwards from time to time encountering other map holders. A few of them tag along, but others seem intent on following their maps come what may. You also come across people who do not have a map or who are using a different one, some of whom join you. Together, you travel ever deeper into the forest tracking the distinctive footprints with the realisation growing, as the force gains strength, that you no longer need your maps and can put them away.”

I’ve updated a paragraph in the allegory in the OP:

“You are caught in the middle, unsure of who is right, but from your past experience and the voice inside you, you try looking cross eyed at the map - sure enough the second route appears and it follows the distinctive footprints. You try to explain but they are adamant you are wrong. Some say that there is only one path on the map, while others see the alternative route but insist that the first one must be right because the cartographer must have intended that the map be read plainly. You describe how you think that the footprints are always the best route which can be verified on the map if you look at it the right way, but they ask why you are confusing matters by talking about another path that either doesn’t exist or is a trick to lead the unwary astray. After further arguing, the group splits.”