A Universalist Theology of Worship


Oooooh!! I was hoping that someone would set up a thread on universalistic taste (or outright doctrine) found in hymns! (Someone asked me to do this many months ago, but I just haven’t had the time…)

Will very much appreciate seeing further contributions. :smiley: :smiley:


Maybe under the “Church” section???
I wrote an essay on Atonement imagery as seen in hymns for one of our church publications… Got way too long and never saw the light of day! But I’m very much with you on this Jason. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Thanks Bob, I’ll look that one up. Sometimes we sing theology we don’t really agree with, just because it has a cool tune. This will not do and I am learning to choose more carefully and hoping to write some of my own. Nick Page’s book ‘and now let’s move into a time of nonsense’ is both hilarious and helpful.
Cheers, Drew



and Nick Page is himself very sympathetic to universalism (to the point of saying that he thinks that he is a universalist).


Thanks Gregory, that is good to know.


Not forgetting the increasingly popular funeral accompaniment of choice for us secular humanists - ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’
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Jeff, Is that the Monty Python version?


Yes it is :mrgreen: In the UK it’s rapidly becoming one of the most frequently requested songs at funerals.


Check this out:

I’ve just returned from a funeral where we sang “I cannot tell why He whom angels worship …”

It was in Complete Mission Praise # 266.

Check out esp. verse 4 for a very clear universalist understanding.

Thank you for all the other references!



The full lyrics of the song Tam reffed can be found here; complete with electronic rendition of Greensleeves. :mrgreen: (That ancient Irish ballad is the melody to which these lyrics are set. Personally, I would like to hear someone trying to wrap some of those lyrics around some of those stanzas. :laughing: )


Thank you, Jason,

for the link to the hymn I was talking about – I don’t know how to do that yet.

Yes, you are so right, about trying to fit those words smoothly into that tune! My organist said the same thing.

Btw, I really enjoy this forum even though I never make any contribution to the discussions. I must try to join in sometime.



Tam just contribute as the spirit moves you (which in my case is usually a large double something :smiley: )


Thank you Jeff A (Jeffery Archer? or Agnostic?) for your encouragement.

It’s nice there’s some Brits also on this site.
I really will (must) get round to interacting on this wonderful forum some day. :frowning:



That last link worked, thanks! :slight_smile:


Here’s my first attempt at a song expressing EU belief - inspired by Hannah Whitall Smith quote at beginning of GMc’s book - and Is 53.11 of course. All I need now is someone to sing it with me!

upload-mp3.com/files/68303_f … isfied.mp3

A day is coming soon
when you will see and be satisfied
your Father’s justice and his mercy are one
and you will be satisfied

You came to save us all
allowed yourself to be crucified
your clear intention cannot be denied
and you will be satisfied

A day is coming soon
when all will see and be reconciled
your love is perfect and your justice is sure
and you will be satisfied


Very nice indeed :slight_smile:
Great voice, playing and words.
That was a real tonic!


Wow! Great work! Sorry this is such a late response, but I just came upon your song. Being a songwriter and worship leader myself I really appreciate good guitar work as well as lyrics that aren’t the typical sappy stuff we see in so much worship music. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the encouragement Denver!


How cool is that! A universalist song! Good on you RevDrew61!!! Hannah Whitall Smith will be singing in her grave.


Ha! Thanks Robin, you’ve made my day. I must read more of Hannah - an inspiring lady :slight_smile:
Andrew Tweedy (St George’s Barcelona)