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A video of a great debate: Kevin vs Mark. UR vs ECT. think Kevin does an excellent job!

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Meanwhile, where did the debate happen? The host sure doesn’t sound like he comes from South Devon, UK. :wink:

It has for at least a year :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a lot of respect for the US Christian Reformed Church that hosted it :sunglasses:

For those of you on FaceBook, why not thank them for bravely doing this: … 6388988295

Seriously, many churches don’t have a healthy attitude towards disagreement so this should be encouraged!

I avoid Facebook like a plague (because it plagued my email system once), so someone thank them for me, too, okay?

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But it hasn’t happened again since detaching from FB and deleting my account (and changing my password on the account), so woot. I’ll take the peace over the threat. :wink:

It was an interesting debate. Mark’s primary objections to UR, or at least to Kevin’s presentation in the movie, were

  1. that all the people interviewed in the movie were white middle class Americans. And he pointed out how few 3rd-world pastors or theologians who are URs. And bounced off this making an appeal to the oppressed who cried out for revenge/justice who would never believe in UR.
  2. UR being a minority opinion.

So instead of debating what Kevin said, Mark critiqued the movie. I felt Kevin held his own, even scoring a few interesting jabs; but I would enjoy seeing a UR pastor/theologian debate Mark. Someday I hope to participate in such a debate. I’d format it differently though, maybe 5 or 10 minute introduction each, one 15 minutes each, then 2 or 3 rounds of 10 minutes each, and then questions from the audience. And it would be helpful to have power point slides for each round and as an answer to most common questions. Man, I’d love to participate in such a debate.