Aionios in the fathers


From the book “Christ Triumphant” by Thomas Allin, edited by Robin Parry there is a compilation of quotes showing terms like “eternal” being used to refer to things that would end.

Scholarly EUs Assemble!

What does everyone think of these quotes?


Well, what I think is that it is not appropriate, or even legal, to upload copyrighted material. Why not just give the citation and let us find it for ourselves, or perhaps type specific examples for discussion yourself and submit.
Not trying to be a “jerk” - just trying to get your thread off to a good start. Great topic.

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The passage re Jonah & aionios was discussed at length here: What do you make of /u/koine_lingua's arguments? (Part 1)

If your quotes as per the OP were posted on an orthodox forum, IME they will be challenged & you’ll be asked to provide the online links to the contexts of the alleged passages in English & Greek (or any other original language source, e.g. Hebrew, referred to). Those asking for such are not likely to blindly believe a universalist source. That’s why i’ve been motivated to find the English contexts, and where possible also, the original language source texts, of ancient authors i’ve quoted, such as those from Philo, A Deissman’s tablet, & ECFs Chrysostum & Origen referred to/quoted in another recent thread, here: Scholarly EUs Assemble!

That’s where sources such as you quoted in the OP & works written by Illaria Ramelli, for example, & Helena Keizer, etc, can be helpful, i.e. as a starting point to tracking down such references. What would be a great help to scholars & laymen alike would be a set of books that lists all of the so far discovered ancient references (e.g. of aionios) with urls to online resources (& books) where they can be found in their English & Greek contexts, & with a Greek-English sublinear provided, ideallly with some context.


I edited the OP to remove the pictures I took. The original text (I.e. without Parry’s footnotes) is available online:


Origen, I’m sad to say Ramelli’s work has been denounced.