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Angels/messengers in Eze 30:9


Ezekiel 30:9
“On that day messengers shall go out from me in ships to terrify the unsuspecting people of Cush, and anguish shall come upon them on the day of Egypt’s doom; for, behold, it comes!

According to the word translated “messengers” is the same word for “angels”. In this verse it sounds like metaphysical beings were going to leave heaven to torment the people of Egypt. …Until you keep reading and discover that the “messengers” were Babylonian soldiers.

Interestingly, when most Bible translators get to Matthew 25:31-46, they choose to translate the Greek word for messenger as “angels”. This suggests the beings who go with God to execute “final judgment” are more than human soldiers. Can you say, “translation bias?”

If you read all of Eze 30, you will notice it says God would set fire to Egypt. I don’t think there is warrant for such a radical asymmetry in how we read Ezekiel 30 vs Matthew 25:31-46. The “fire prepared for the devil and his angels”, like the fire in Ezekiel 30, was lit by humans.


Angels are a mystical understanding… Many think that every place angels are mentioned in scripture, it does mean messenger.

I tend to think that there are heavenly hosts… Psalm 91 is a great in my view understanding of what God may do and can do. Many will disagree with me…

Anyway, thanks and good luck.


Since our God is a spirit, and all-powerful, I don’t have any real problem with other scriptural spirit beings, having been created by God.
I do question some experiences of, say, demons - like the local Assembly of God women who marched around their church and saw demons fleeing into the city sewer system.


But excuse me, I thought you were defending the idea that Satan was real…


Oh I see the confusion - I was not doubting the existence of demons, just the report of the little devils (haha) jumping into the sewers at the sight of that particular assemblage of AOG women.


Yep you are right, though the point of the AOG women is beyond me, I will say that there may well be good and bad spirits, just like there are good and bad folks. I have no idea.:roll_eyes:

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