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Answers to questions for the elect


Here I provide a summary of answers from those who subscribe to unconditional election to the following questions:

Do you think you are not one of the elect or have you ever met someone who subscribes to unconditional election but thinks they are not one of the elect?

If you think you are one of the elect, how do you know that God hasn’t planned for you to be one of the unelect (for example by making you think you believe when you don’t truly believe like those who seemed to be solid Calvinists but suddenly became atheists or agnostics)?


What’s your view of election? Do you think we choose God or God chose us? What are we elected to?


I think we choose God. The furthest I’d go is to say that God might have foreknowledge of that choice that we make, not that He makes the decision for us. Also ultimately, I think all will make the decision to turn to God either in this life or the next not through any coercion on God’s part but because His gentle calling will eventually encourage even the strongest doubter that God’s love for them is genuine, true and wonderful.

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