Becoming Nothing in Light of God's Everything



You first have to die to self to receive eternal significance in Christ. We are reduced to nothing as we are swallowed up into the ocean of love. We fall in love with love. Our ego is the conditioned personality. When we become nobody special we are united to all. We fall in love with love (true self). Faith in God casts out the ego. It’s a stripping away of the false self.

The Holy Grail

The scales of justice balance in September
As Michael crushes Satan’s head in death
Ego is cast out, the new self is in union with Christ
Flames of torment destroy the self of the old
I stand on this Holy Mountain of God crucified
Baptized into water, death, and fire, I’m made new
The cup of the Holy Grail infuses precious stones within
As I become drunk on the Beautiful cup of blood
Victory reigns at the core in the Holy land of Eden
In celebration of the marriage with the Lamb
I have fallen madly in love with love


Reduce Me to Love

Posted on January 17, 2017 by Bonnie

love-handsWhen I was in college in North Carolina, I had a brief incarnation as a Born Again Christian. Honestly, I joined the church to take a stab at meeting nice boys. I had a proclivity for the bad ones. I thought a Christian boy would be a welcome change of pace.

The church I joined was lovely – filled with good people. I didn’t last long. It wasn’t a good match in terms of theology. I met nice boys but they too weren’t a good match for my wilder tendencies. But I did learn some catchy songs that still play in my mind today.

One song, based on I Corinthians , goes like this : “If I have not charity; if love does not flow through me; I am nothing; Jesus reduce me to love.”

Today, I ask “Spirit, reduce me to love” – or even better, “ Love, reduce me to love .”

This is like the soap analogy from yesterday. The ego returns to nothing and our “reduction” purifies everything. We sacrifice the consciousness that binds us to our private perception. We re-lax, become still again, let go, let love and see what happens in the Wholly Absolute.

Absolute Love is beyond human understanding. But Love can help us become love .

Today we ask, “ Love, reduce me to love .”

In the asking, notice how love is a noun, a state of being. And because love is everything, love is also a verb. When love reduces us to love, love calls us to authentic action . Reduction to love results in service.

This is a change for many of us. This is letting go.

Meditate – Center and find a story that dominates your thoughts. Say, “ Love, reduce me to love. ” Spend some time with this thought.

Practice – Throughout the day, notice your tendency to become caught in a story. Ask love to reduce you to love.

Advanced Practice – Since love is a verb, when reduced to love, what will you do? Take one tiny action today based on your reduction to love.



We are nobody special in the worldly sense of the term. But in dying to self and coming to faith in Christ we have eternal significance. We are special to God. His love is a holy love. Holy means to be set apart (special). We don’t earn our worth but it is a gift of God received by faith. Our sense of belonging and sense that we count comes from being a child of God. The ego is nothing. The paradox is that we are set apart and special because we are united to all. We are light in a dark world. What the world considers special God doesn’t. What God considers special the world doesn’t. When I’m nobody I’m somebody. When I’m somebody I’m nobody. We become nobody so that Christ will be glorified in us - our true self. In and of myself I’m nothing so that Christ can reign in my heart. I’m covered and infused in God’s righteousness. Therefore, I have intrinsic worth because I’m in Christ.


My Worth Is In Christ Jesus

So many people suffer with a spiritual identity crises. They tend to measure their worth by comparing themselves to others. They will think more highly of themselves because they enjoy greater abilities, intelligence, status or wealth. Or they look down on themselves and envy others because they feel they are not as capable, smart, powerful, or rich.

This is a deadly disease to a believer. That is why Paul offered an antidote over in the book of Romans. To see ourselves not as we stack up to others, or as others evaluate us, but as God sees us (Romans 12:3). My worth is found in Christ alone. It is only by the grace of God, I am who I am today (1 Corinthians 15:10). And despite my past, I am a new creature with a new identity in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:17).

I thank God for the degrees I have, and the professional credentials, but more importantly, I thank God for His power, because it gives me everything I need to live my life and pursue godliness (1 Peter 1:3). Everything I have; family, friends, possessions, health, all comes from my heavenly Father (Job 1:21). Knowing this, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). I am “fearfully and wonderfully” made (Psalm 139:14). In Christ, I have my true identity, apart from Him, I am nothing (John 15:5).

So I don’t have to compare myself to anyone, because I find my worth in Christ. Do you suffer with an identity crises, low self-worth, comparison issues? Learn to see yourself as God sees you.

Be blessed!


As Arthur McGill succinctly notes, “The way of Jesus is the way of self-expenditure.” And as Paul describes in Philippians 2, this freedom to give our lives away is made possible only through the act of kenosis, of self-emptying and letting go so that our identities might be eccentrically grounded in Christ and the Father. If we receive everything - even our very lives - as a gift then we have nothing to cling to or protect. Following the example of Jesus, we become “nothing”. In a sense, we “die” - and thus we no longer have fear of dispossession, loss, diminishment, or expenditure in the face of death. ~~ Richard Beck, “The Slavery of Death”, page 77

Thus, the paradox of the cross: we must die - by losing and letting go - in order to find life, in order to experience resurrection - Beck, page 80