Canonized Saint sees Martin Luther in Hell


Are you Catholic? I was raised Catholic but ‘saw the light’ and left that dogma behind years ago and never looked back.

It’s prudent to exercise skepticism when someone claims something supernatural. You may want to Google ‘padre pio fraud’.


I did look up the fruad, to many people arguing for and against it. Pio has got to be the most muddled up figures I have come come across in my Religous studies. I did judge the vision by Catholic standards, because as you can see, I am talking to a Catholic. I’m trying to get all sides of the argument from an actual theological perspective.


I think Pio Padre was real. But his visions - were subject to interpretation. And BOTH the RC and EO churches, investigate any miracle healings. Both during their lifetime and after their death. And the RC and EO physicians - do their due diligence. Where I differ, is that saints and healers - are present outside the RC and EO churches. And can be found in Eastern, Sufi and Native American gathers. But they normally don’t advertise, sell tickets or charge money. They are like the A-Team. They will help you, if you know how to find them.


Wow. I wasn’t aware of this. Thanks.


Are YOU Catholic?

Like I said, exercise scrutiny. Don’t take things at face value. … ill-212134

And his marks weren’t even where Jesus was nailed. Romans crucified people by their wrists, not their hands.


I did some research and Wikipedia says his stigmata was valid.

They do list controversies but Pope John Paul II canonized him.


Am I a Catholic ? I consider myself betwen chruches at the moment.


Yeah, because we all know the Pope is an unbiased source. :open_mouth: :unamused:


From Wikipedia


That’s irrelevant to the origin of his marks.


Theologians debate whether the nails of Christ went into the hands or wrists. Given the fruit of Pio’s life I would have to say it was valid. What we are seeing is the hatred of qaz against a beloved child of God. MacDonald would be proud.


It’s not “hatred” to suggest that people exercise scrutiny when presented with supernatural claims rather than accepting them at face value.


Pio was a saint. Luther’s hatred against people influenced Hitler. MacDonalds loathing of God influences you. Didn’t you say you were also Lutheran? All one has to do is go to Wikipedia to learn about Pio.


I think Luther, Melanchthon, and the rest of the minds behind the book of Concord did the world a good service by standing up against Roman corruption and errors, but no, I am not Lutheran.


Read Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler. Luther was one of his heros.


I’ll pass. You’re taking your trolling to a new level with that kind of guilt by association.

Pio’s claims should be taken with a grain of salt. … _charlatan


I’ll stick with Wikipedia and St. John Paul II


R.C. Sproul has a chapter in “The Holiness Of God” called “The Insanity Of Luther”. Says Sproul:




Why would God give a vision of a protestant in Hell to a Catholic ‘seer’? I just don’t believe in the vision, nor in the hell, nor in Martin Luther being there.
We have yet to search out all the glories of God as revealed in Jesus Christ - how does any ‘vision’ compare to that, or add to that?

Just sayin’ - Michael I know you have beliefs about all this, but so do I - just thought I’d add to an already rich stew of ideas in this thread. :laughing: