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Catholic guide to universalism? anyone read this?


Hi everyone - Just ordered this book, cant wait to receive it! Anyone read it, have thoughts?




The OFFICIAL position, of BOTH Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy…is they allow for hopeful universalism. Since I’m also a hopeful universalist, I’m in harmony with EO, RC and Forum directives - regarding this matter. However, if the book takes a stance… other than hopeful universalism - let us know.


From the “blurbs” Ive read about the book - I “think” its more of an outline and exploration of the different beliefs, writers, thinkers, etc on universalism, drawing from the RC tradition but also from others…I think the author is an RC Priest so I imagine the focus is on that tradition…I will most definitely let you know what I think, once I read the book!



The book contains a Foreward by Robin A. Parry:

Free previews can be read here: