Clip of Mclaren and hell


Not sure where I should post this. This short clip gives Mclaren’s take on the traditional view of hell. I don’t think his ideas apply to us as evangelical universalists that see hell as more remedial. I have to agree with him that hell, in the traditional sense, is a hell of a problem. … re=related


Interesting clip! It also well poses the dilemma in the relationship of the cross’s meaning and interpretations of hell.


I like that clip, it fits right in with things I’ve been thinking about the kingdom. The greatest in the kingdom is the servant of all.



There were 2 other interesting clips of Doug Paggit, Pastor of Solomon’s Porch (emerging church), speaking with a radio personality about his ideas of hell. I’m not sure I understand his point of view exactly. Paggit says fire purifies and judgement is when God creates the world the world the way it ought to be. Something about not having a platonic understanding of the cosmos. He is totally confusing the interviewer. (Part 1)

and (Part 2)


Yes … interesting. I wasn’t aware of the things the “emergent church” is teaching. I liked how Pagitt objected to the interviewer “stringing verses together and drawing his own conclusions”. The interviewer says that’s called systematic theology and it’s how it has always been done. Pagitt objects that we should read the scripture and let it speak for itself. Thumbs up for that!



Which is of little practical use unless we add up what the scripture is saying for itself. Especially since scriptures aren’t presenting a systematic theology where we don’t have to do any work but just assent or not to a list of doctrines (with maybe rationales for them).

Adding those things up, is systematic theology. :wink: Pagitt is doing that, too, if he’s referring to scriptural testimony in any coherent fashion at all.