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David Bentley Hart's Translation


That’s a good point davo. Along that line, I once heard Shakespeare stories described as timeless.


I thought I might be the only person to have though your posts are convoluted. Usually around the second sentence you lose me. Arguably, I don’t want to write down and figure out. I always figured you were purposely convoluted so that people wouldn’t actually know exactly what they were refuting… I watched a few video’s of your yours too, same thing. I am like “What did he just say?”

It seems like misdirection or something. When I met with a student PhD, it was a friendly conversation at a restaurant, but he used the same type of convoluted long winded reasoning in some mainstream idea of Hell, I think. I am don’t quite remember the topic, all I remember is knowing I was speechless because I didn’t actually understand what he said. Like, he said “It’s easy, because blah, blah, double negative, blah, negative, blah, negative, blah blah, double negative, blah, turn 180 and wham!” and so I think this is often a technique used, because the other person, when used either has to admit he has no clue what you just said and look ignorant, or pretend you understand it and just have no refutation or answer. It is somewhat of a really bad position to be in. Of course, I opted for the “Yeah, sorry, I have no idea what you said” and then it was met with “Well, think on it, I am sure you will get it”… No, no and no. But good guy.

In all fairness, you are brilliant, clearly. I just think if you can’t dumb it down even a little, all that knowledge is essentially yours and yours alone. Like perhaps you could start with the tldr version, then below that explain your reasoning? I think that works better than the other way around, though I know that isn’t common in forums and even I myself am guilty of going into detail, then adding at the end tldr with a summary.