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Denominations of UR apologists


I know Brad Jersak is Eastern Orthodox. What about Talbott, Parry, Reitan, Kronen, and any other defenders of universalism?


Reitan and/or Kronen is/are Lutheran. (Their book is written from that perspective.)

I’m putting out a request for Talbott; he was just at a Baptist conference, but that isn’t necessarily sure evidence he’s Baptist. He came from a super-strict fundamentalist background that seems to have been Calv Baptist (heavy on Augustine, except for all his Catholic parts :mrgreen: , and Calvin).

Parry is a Welshman (thus his awesome accent), so who knows really? :laughing: Evangelical Anglican maybe.


Thanks! I assume Kronen and Reitan are specifically Evangelical Lutherans? (as opposed to Missouri Synod)?


What about Jason Pratt? I don’t think I’ve seen that fact mentioned here, though I could have missed it for sure.


Hah! I’m Southern Baptist (probably, still). If we can have Calvs, and also have Arms, we can have Calvs + Arms. :mrgreen: But I certainly go somewhat higher catholic than most Baptists; I understand the importance of sacraments and the Real Presence for example.

Tom says he was honored to be invited to the Baptist convention, but he isn’t Baptist. He was part of the “Christian Reformed Church” (which I suppose is like Presbyterians but different :wink: ), and is currently non-denominational. He meets with a group called Charity House in Salem, Oregon.