Do people in heaven have brains?


I used to be committed to mind body dualism but I’m not so sure any more, given the strong connection neuroscience has shown between the brain and the mind. Do you think in our resurrected bodies our streams of consciousness will be conditional on brain function?


With all due respect,…that’s an area of speculation…which would have many different theological, philosophical and scientific answers.

But I can say this for certain…if my theory is correct…that the Zombie Apocalypse , is the most probable - end-times tribulation scenario.

If any of the zombies, make it to heaven…unless they are radically changed…They wouldn’t have any brains.

But on another front…in the literature of Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox saints…as well as Holy People and saints of other traditions…like the Yoga, Sufi and Native American…folks can be in more, then one place at once. So if the original person, is at point A…and his double is at point B, interacting with people…there is really no physical brain, at point B. It’s NOT a spirit or such. It’s a duplicate of the physical body. The Eastern Orthodox would chalk that up, to divine mystery.


Well… after Jesus was raised from the dead, did He have a brain? It would seem very odd to consider the resurrected Jesus as brainless.

He even showed his disciples the prints of the nails that were used to nail Him to the cross.


Paidion, so if someone got shot in the face with a bullet passing through his eye to the back of his skull, do you think his resurrected body will have this hole?


NOPE. Jesus was the exception. Yet He showed by those means that He had the same body, though a changed body (after his resurrection, He walked through a closed door).