Do you have the right road map?


This I was thinking about today. Do you have the right road map? Or a road map, that will get you there?

In this analogy, Timbuktu (i.e. heaven, Christ) is our destination. The bible (i.e. RC, EO or Protestant canon), is our “book of directions”. And some map makers, have made maps for us. They can be Baptist, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, TV evangelist, etc., road maps. The work is done for us. Just follow the map.

The trouble comes in, is when we say: “this is the best road map”. Or “this is the only road map”. Or “Follow my map or else.”

Well, I do like to take “pre-canned” maps. But sometimes I like to put in, a couple better routes - from another map.

I am an Anglo-Orthodox Traditionalist (AKA Anglo-Catholic and Continuing Anglican movement, with an Eastern Orthodox twist). That’s the one I like. In the words of Wiki: :smiley:

But I like the inclusive and purgatorial conditionalist sub routes. Which in essence, says all humanity might be saved, instead of all humanity will be saved. But if not, they will have a humane end.

And I add the Holy Fool tradition componet, to make it interesting (AKA the Batman Joker, wearing a white hat). :laughing:

And to add frosting to the cake, I add the sub routes:

The full gospel (i.e. gifts of the spirit)
The health and prosperity gospel (AKA Joel Osteen - Joel Osteen answers his critics)

And just to be clear. These sub-components don’t work, because you send a nice donation - to the TV, radio or Internet evangelist. :laughing:

But I don’t make these add-on components - the main map.

And I thrown in a mystical component, in the form of the Wisdom Tradition.

This map works for me. But I don’t say: “this is the best road map”. Or “this is the only road map”. Or “Follow my map or else.”

And if you don’t like a map being offered - either here or outside - you can always make your own (AKA RYO or Roll Your Own). But you will have a harder time, selling it to others. :laughing:

**How’s your road map? ** We will probably all get to Timbuktu, if you follow the map.

Some humor from the Sunil Bali blog:

And here’s what my road map - as crazy as it is - offers to all of humanity. :laughing:



Entertaining/educating presentation there, Randy!! :smiley:

That puts you near the top of the ‘roll-your -own’ -ers here, no? An interesting mix.


Except that I just use “pre-canned” **established **components - then roll them together, Dave. There’s much more material written, about established, pre-canned components - that you can use, to defend objections. Or interpret what a particular directional component (i.e. Biblical text) means. :laughing:


Randy, point taken :exclamation: :laughing:


Ok, you roll your own out of the pre-rolled that you found available. That’s as responsible an approach as any, I suppose. :smiley:


Well, there’s more to it then that. Since I have spent many years with the Native Americans, I have learned the value of visions. And I like visions of folks like Lutheran mystic Jakob Böhme, Quaker mystic George Fox, and contemporary, Old Catholic Church mystic - Tiffany Snow. I had extensive email conversations with Tiffany’s husband, who is an Old Catholic Church priest. I was a Bishop at the time, in the Independent Catholic movement.

I was convinced that her visions were solid. Both by spiritual experience and conversations with her husband. But I told myself I would only adopt the visions, if I could find established theological viewpoints, to back the visions. Hence, that’s why you find the roll your own approach - but from established, theological perspectives.

The only one not part of it, is the Holy Fools tradition. It just resonates with me and my personality. :laughing:



Nice one