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Dualism vs Idealism


When it comes to mind-body theory, I’m an emergent dualist, so that puts me on the dualist side. Which side are you on? What flaws do you see in the other?



I don’t think that the mind-body problem can be reduced to dualism versus idealism.
“Dualism” in philosophy, is the view that the mind and the body, though they interact, are ontologically distinct, whereas “idealism” seems to belong to a different category. “Idealism” is the view that objects of knowledge are dependent on the activity of the mind.

I would suggest that the theory that most contrasts to “dualism” is “monism.” This is the theory that both mind and body are two different aspects of a single human being—and yet neither in itself is identical to that human being. This is the theory to which I subscribe.

Another well-known theory concerning the mind-body problem is the “identity theory.” This is the theory that mind processes are identical to brain processes.

So, Qaz, I suggest that the readers of this thread might reply as to whether they tend toward the dualist theory, the monist theory, or the identity theory.