Emil Brunner, Dogmatics


I’m going to approach this a different way, by opening another thread in the Philosophy section. There are so many ways to approach the Brunner material in my last Brunner post that I don’t want to stop the flow - such as there is :slight_smile: - on this thread.
As a tease, I will be using a bit of C.S. Lewis’ introduction to D. E. Harding’s “The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth” (University of Florida, 1952). I used that book as one of the sources of my first philosophy ‘papers’ in college, and I still have the marked-up copy on my shelves. I am heartily ashamed of that effort now, of course, but it was according to my lights at the time.
Here’s the tease:
" Reviews of The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth by Douglas Harding
Extract from a letter to D.E. Harding from C.S. Lewis , Easter 1950.
“Hang it all, you’ve made me drunk, roaring drunk as I haven’t been on a book (I mean a book of doctrine; imaginative works are another matter) since I first read Bergson during World War I. Who or what are you? How have I lived forty years without my having heard of you before and my sensation is that you have written a book of the highest genius.”


Reality check!! Maintaining this thread is obviously not workable on a Forum. I ran into the same thing when I started a thread on Tillich’s Systematic Theology.
Not a big deal, Brunner’s works are available everywhere, and for those interested they are not that difficult. I may occasionally drop an entry, but I’ve got to get back to reading and not worrying about keeping this thread up. I’m a lazy dog. :slight_smile:
Onward and upward!