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Endtimes 2030 (?)


Peter said that a day is as thousand years for God and vice versa. Hosea 6:2 teaches us that God will resurrect Israel after two days from the death. When Jesus was resurrected from the death in 30 AD then, He will return in 2030 for the ecclesia and 3,5 years later He will return for the Jews.

Jesus compared Himself with Jonah who should convert the Ninivites. They had 40 days to be converted. Jerusalem was the Niniveh of Jesus’ Days. 40 years before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, it makes 30 AD when Jesus was crucified.

It is a mistake that the last week in Daniel 9:24-27 will take place in the EndTimes. The covenant in Daniel 9:27 refers to the covenant made by Christ. So the last week in Daniel 9:24-27 ended with the stoning of Stefanus, followed by a Jubilee in the year 33, which was exactly 4000 years after Adam.

2033 will complete the 6000 years after Adam and 2000 years after Christ.

My book on Atlantis as EndTimes Babylon:



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My interpretation is that it’s a zombie, taking a shower. Or one caught in the rain. And NOT profoundly dripping sweat…As that would go against the grain, of ALL zombie movies and TV shows. :wink:


I have no clue what that is. As someone sharing visions, of the tribulation and the Zombie Apocalypse…it is JUST AS PROBABLE, as someone giving a DEFINITIVE date - when the world will end.


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Actually, when used by itself…it refers to a book about capitalism.

Zombie Capitalism