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Epic radio debate on Evangelical Universalism! (Pregame)

hope it goes well for all sides!

i’ll also have to download it as i’m at a gig tonight

Maybe too much time sitting? Maybe a nice walk would help?

Well, I’ve certainly been trotting quite a bit in the past few days… :laughing:

I’m pretty sick, too. I’ll mute my microphone while you both are talking, so my constant coughing isn’t bothersome.

Burbly but on deck! :laughing: Will be activating Skype soon…

26 minutes in!

WooT! Can’t wait to give this a listen. I think this will be my exercise listening fodder for a few mornings… :slight_smile:

I may not get it published tonight, but tomorrow morning at the latest.

Yeah, I figured it may take a day or two to get it posted… Let us know when you have it up.

Thanks for the time and effort you’re putting into this. :slight_smile:

My pleasure, Aaron!!!

Now done, at a little under 3 hours 30 minutes. Ack, throat sore!

Chris was a fine moderator, and TFan was a fine opponent. No complaints from me. Looking forward to forum comments on the portions; and no doubt I’ll be adding a few things myself as, even with this huge amount of time, there were portions of each scripture set that neither of us got to address as much as we might have.

I’m not sure what we’ll do about transcripts, but I seem to recall TFan has made transcripts of his side of debates available before, and so both of us may transcript our sides. Both of us had prepared opening arguments (and in my case rebuttal material and a final statement) which could be posted pretty quickly, but there’s quite a lot in the cross-exam and Q&A portions (plus TFan’s rebuttal portion didn’t seem prepared ahead of time, so he may not be able to post that up as quickly as his main argument.)

My intention is not to post up a transcript for a while, however, as that would take away attention from Chris’ hosting of the debate–and depending on what he and TFan want to do, maybe not at all. But I suspect both will want transcripts posted eventually.

Spoiler: TFan didn’t become a Kath, and I didn’t become a Calv (or an Arm). :mrgreen: I think both of us are quite satisfied with each of our sides of the debate, although we might each want to fill in some corners only lightly touched on otherwise.

When Chris starts posting up portions, I’ll create a new thread (if one of the other mod/admins doesn’t beat me to it, which is entirely possible (and maybe more appropriate :wink: )) and crosslink back and forth between that one and this one. That other thread will have links to Chris’ published portions, plus a link to the raw debate material (if Chris makes that available, which I recall him saying he might do), and also links to any followup posts from TFan on his blog.

I hope TFan and Chris both have a good night’s sleep after our hard work. All glory to God on high! :slight_smile:

Incidentally, I’ll be leaving for Texas for the weekend, Thursday afternoon, so I won’t be in a position to comment on our debate (or anything else) until sometime Sunday at the earliest; and there are things here at the office I’ll need to get done in the next couple of days until then.

So there’s a good chance there will be quite a bit of discussion on it (pro or con on either or both sides) before I can follow-up much myself. :slight_smile: I’ll reiterate that in the official thread, too.

Glad to hear it went well!


Looking forward to hearing the podcast.

Well, it’s about time for us to leave for Lufkin, Texas (and a cousin’s wedding).

I’ll be able to check in on the site occasionally, but I probably won’t be able to comment or create threads, so whenever Chris starts posting up debate portions I expect another ad/mod to set up the official thread on that asap. (No doubt Chris will post a link here, too, asap.)

It’s conceivably possible that TFan may begin commenting on it before the release of the podcasts. If so, I would prefer that links to those comments be posted to the official thread to be created on this forum (i.e. not here in the pregame thread), so that conversation on the debate will be collated as much as possible.

People may create side threads to discuss bits and pieces of course; just make sure links are posted in the main official thread for collation purposes.

See y’all Monday, unless we run off the road in the East Texas (or Southwestern Arkansas) swamps!

Back Sunday afternoon–nothing to report on posting the debate yet.

Since the debate was so long, Chris may be having problems deciding how to format it. Also, he was coming down with a cold during the past week (even back on Friday for the original date), and might still be suffering or recouping from that.

I haven’t received any emails from him indicating there was a technical problem, so… we’ll just have to wait. I’ll ping him Monday night if I haven’t heard anything from him yet. There’s clearly some kind of problem (or more than one), but it may be a trivial procedural thing.

Just wanted to let people know I was looking into it. :slight_smile:

Sorry, everyone, that it’s taken so long. Like Jason, I was sick, and was out of commission the next several days. Missed 3 days of work, in fact. But I’m back in the office this morning, and after I interview Larry Dixon I’ll edit and publish the debate. Thanks for your patience.

Incidentally, my podcast does have a Facebook page where I mentioned a couple of times why it was taking so long. That’s the best place to stay on top of my goings on :slight_smile:

I can’t access Facebook myself at the moment. (I snicked my account, which I wasn’t using much anyway, after a spammer hacked it to use my Yahoo account as a spam generator.

But hopefully someone else is keeping track of Chris’ and TFan’s Facebook accounts (and Twitter feeds where appropriate).

The promised time has come!–a bit earlier than I gathered from Chris’ comment earlier today! :smiley:

The official EU thread for the debate can be found by clicking this link.

I plan to lock this thread down, so people won’t be confused about where to post comments to it (but I’ve included a link back here for referential purposes, too.)