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Epic radio debate on Evangelical Universalism! (Pregame)

I’m working today on trimming down my opening argument by 15%. (I’m still running about 5 minutes over.)

Mind-scrunchy work… :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s progressing; I’m about halfway through Part 2, going paragraph by paragraph, and haven’t had any serious problems so far.

Prayers for Jason!

Anyone know what time it kicks off?

Roughly 1 hr 10 minutes from now, 7pm North American Central Standard Time. Chis is on Pacific Coast time; not sure about TFan, who at the time I’m posting this we still haven’t heard from confirming he’ll be available tonight after all. (TFan had told us previously that any Friday might turn out to be a no-go and he wouldn’t know for sure until close to time. He didn’t say why; end-of-week overtime at work maybe.)

Well, apparently TFan had some problems and couldn’t show up (and he had thought he might have some problems on Friday although he couldn’t be sure until near time to go). So we’ve postponed until Tuesday night.

Let’s pray TFan is okay!

Darn, I was all excited to see how it went!

Too bad it got delayed, but I’m really looking forward to hearing it later next week. :slight_smile:

Me, too! :smiley:

I had a very nice Skypechat with Chris last night while we were waiting to see if TFan would show up delayed. I’m looking forward to his questions during the Q&A period, and to an interview he seems likely to set up after the debate (although he hasn’t settled for sure on that yet. There were a bunch of things we wanted to talk about but couldn’t exactly yet because we didn’t want to get into debate spoilers. :laughing: )

I still haven’t seen anything from TFan, on his site or by email, indicating he’s even okay… :frowning: it’s quite worrisome.

Note: Chris is proposing that we increase the Q&A time to about double, so as to give primary answerers an extra minute per question to answer. (Chris asks a question of X, X originally would have 1:30 to answer, now 2:30, then Y would have :30 to add something if he wants. Then Chris asks a question of Y, etc.) I fully expect Tfan will agree: anyone would want to have a little more time to answer a question put to them. :slight_smile:

It must be unpleasant dealing with the uncertainty Jason but I’m praying for both of you and looking forward to hearing it when God wills.

The delay is disappointing, but hopefully it’ll get done next week!


Still no word from TFan, so far as I can tell. (If Chris has heard something, he hasn’t said so yet.)

TFan’s last blog post was Oct 4, Tuesday before the debate. His weblog comment tracking tool (on the lefthand column) shows several comments posted since then but none by TFan (if I’m reading it right…?)

Does he have a Twitter feed or a Facebook page anyone can check up on? (I don’t have a Twitter account, nor a Facebook account anymore after my Yahoo address was spam-hacked through it a few months ago.)

You are being very gracious about this Jason.
My instinct would be frustration and annoyance at having my time being demeaned and stepped on.
So your gracious attitude inspires me!


Chris confirmed about half-an-hour ago that TFan’s Twitter and Facebook page (not run by him, btw) haven’t had any updates from him-or-her since last Tuesday. (No tweets since back in Sept actually, although obviously other things since then up to Oct 4.)

Thanks, TV. :slight_smile: I sometimes wonder what would happen if I was in a car accident or an airliner full of anthrax crashed on my head or something of that sort (or my Dad passed away, which really could happen at any time in his condition), and couldn’t get back to the internet for a long time (if ever). I wouldn’t want people to think poorly of me in absence of actual evidence of rudeness of cowardice or whatever on my part.

Same with TFan; I shouldn’t, and don’t, want people to think poorly of him or her. Neither do I want there to have been a tragedy, of course. sigh.

Okay, TFan had checked in as of this morning; no tragedy, just the occasional problem that he had been concerned might scotch a Friday debate. (No explanation yet for why he didn’t drop us a brief note on Saturday or Sunday, but whatever. At least he-or-she isn’t lying in a ditch somewhere. :slight_smile: )

The debate is rescheduled for tomorrow night, same time.

Great :smiley:

Well, I’m glad he’s alright, and looking forward to hearing it!

Glad to hear he’s okay. I’m really looking forward to this debate. Shall be praying for you both.

I probably won’t be able to listen to it live. :frowning: We’re on satellite. But perhaps I can bring my computer into town so I can download it later when it gets posted. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it will be available to listen to live. We have to wait for Chris to get it posted on his site.


No, he still doesn’t have the software for doing it live. It’ll be taped. (Except, you know, without tape. :mrgreen: ) And then taped together. (Except, you know, etc. :laughing: )

He said he’ll make the original feed available for download, too, somewhere.

Personally, I just hope my stomach can hold out. I’ve picked up a rather burbly bug in the last couple of days… :frowning:

hope it goes well for all sides!

i’ll also have to download it as i’m at a gig tonight