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Finding your vocation as a Christian

I write in the linked article about how we find our vocations and my experience in doing so. I hope it is helpful to those who wonder what they are called to do.

I feel like work is essential to human flourishing. Which is part of the reason I fear heaven. If we’re immortal, there’s no need to work.

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Maybe heaven has endless amounts of worthwhile work?

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@mcarans the thing is, on earth we work because we need to, to survive. In heaven, we wouldn’t. Perhaps we could “work” but without it attributing to our survival, I’m afraid it would feel meaningless, like digging a hole just to fill it back up when you’re done

Not necessarily. Besides, work can be very satisfying. Someone will have to look after the golf courses:smile:

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qaz said…
‘on earth we work because we need to, to survive. In heaven, we wouldn’t’

What makes you say that?

On earth we need to work so that we can by the things we need to live: food, water, clothing, shelter. In heaven we will be immortal. So we could go a million years without drinking water.


Do you have a problem with working?

No, in this very thread I’ve expressed my belief that work is essential to flourishing.

Work, of course, being the task of Adam in maintaining the land BEFORE work became arduous.

In Adam’s time work was about caring for creation. Now that so much work involves directly or indirectly ruining creation no wonder it feels arduous!

True enough… by arduous however I had in mind relative to Adam… “by the sweat of your brow” etc.

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Oh no, that’s not how I read it at all. This world is merely a training exercise for the next.

1Cor6:2 gives us a hint, we’re going to be the officer corps, we’re going to run the Multiverse for God.

What if you don’t view work as work? I used to be a software engineer…then I dabbled in technology marketing and copywriting…in both cases, I was solving a problem or puzzle. And folks paid me, to do that. And when Z-Hell (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) finally arrives…if I am still around…I want to become a zombie hunter… And as a Christian…in all these professional endeavors…I am providing a service to humanity!

I think a good indication you are following your calling is if work doesn’t feel like work.

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