For My A.A. Sponsor


In A.A. we get sponsors to help us out and work the steps. He’s somebody we can talk to and work through our issues with. The 85 year old man who is my sponsor from A.A. and father to me (who I help out now) has been a great help to me and influence in the changed personality and spiritual awakening I’ve been through. When I was down and out he and his family took me in and loved me when I was unlovable. A lot of people like to get others inspirational greeting cards but I write my own. Here’s what I wrote my A.A. sponsor - father - friend and had it framed with this scripture:


From my “Keep It Simple” recovery devotional

With recovery, the hope starts to return. Over time we even dare to dream again. In our dreams we are loving people. We have something to offer others. We are not scared. This is a sign that hope is returning. We fall in love again with the world, our Higher Power, and ourselves.


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