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Free ebook that rebuts just war theory

Free ebook that rebuts just war theory: “Killing from the Inside Out - Moral Injury and Just War” by Robert Emmet Meagher

“Any serious critique of war, as well any true attempt to understand the profound, invisible wounds it inflicts, will be undermined from the outset by the unthinking and all-but-universal acceptance of just war doctrine. Killing from the Inside Out radically questions that theory, examines its legacy, and challenges us to look beyond it, beyond just war.”

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Could not download it for some reason. Try again later.

Sorry to hear that. It worked OK for me. You add the ebook version, go to checkout, the voucher should already be filled in, then you go to payment, choose no payment needed and submit.

I did all that, but it downloaded in a format that I cannot open, in a browser I don’t have. Strange. I’ll try again.

It should be an epub which will open in an ebook reader. I haven’t tried downloading it yet but all the others I have got from that website were epubs.

Yep, just does not work for me in this particular instance. I’ve got many an e-pub downloaded just fine. Something wrong on my end no doubt.

I just downloaded the epub and it opened ok for me. Perhaps you could try again today.