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Full Preterism, Pantelism, etc beliefs

:laughing: Randy. Actually, that (being temporal) is actually a better alternative since it doesn’t last anything like forever. I’m not fretting, though. I’m on my way to what hubby calls my “artsy fartsy group.” We will paint flowers, mountains, lakes, trees . . . oh, anything but zombies. :laughing:

Ahh yes, I fully get that now… a myriad of Origen’s pointless paragraphs will do that. :laughing: :mrgreen:

"A belief by all full Preterists, that all spiritual gifts ceased by 70-AD…

…beyond 70-AD Jesus dwells fully with us, and the purpose and time of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit has been fulfilled and completed…

…Christians beyond this period see God fully, lacking nothing…"

(p.19 of “End Times Prophecy: A Biblical Overview of Preterism, Historicism, and Futurism”, Roy W. Anderberg, 2017) … 1627874844