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George Lamsa on demons


But I may believe in a Ghost or two…


This wouldn’t happen to be the Set Apart Ghost, would it? :slight_smile:


If you throw in a zombie or two - I’ll join you. :smile:


Chad, you wrote: “So please tell me where this comes from.”

Where what comes from?


Not sure what that means?



According to “traditional” understanding of demons, demons are creatures that can come and go into and out of bodies. They have no bodies. If they had bodies of their own they wouldn’t be able to “possess” other people’s bodies. I say such a proposition is logically absurd. A mind must have a body. Minds and bodies are inextricably linked. The idea of “casting a creature out” of a body doesn’t make sense if that creature has no spatial properties. Get it?


Gabe, I used to believe in demons. So much that when I was in middle school I once cried, telling my mom in vivid detail I had seen one. In truth, I had done something wrong and was looking for an excuse out. I was a lying bastard.


I"m not entirely convinced that a demon is ‘a creature’ if by that is meant a corporeal entity. .
Also is not necessary to be dogmatic about a ‘mind must have a body’.
Logically, a spirit entity is eminently possible; God, for one?


You’re right about the Father not having a body, but I think that would be the exception.


Perhaps you’re right; I was just opening up the logical possibility of consciousness without a nervous system.
That was oddly put - the logical possibility of consciousness, will, personhood that is not matter-based, is closer to what I meant.


Holy is often defined as set apart. So the Holy Ghost would be the Set Apart Ghost. :guitar:


I’m stating the possibility, that demons existed in Christ’s time and they do not today…

Why are we always trying to force scripture into our lives?




Tell me what you mean?


Surprised, confounded - as to your question about forcing scripture into our lives.
Not gonna pursue it on this thread, however, being as how it is about your demons, your ghosts, your omnipresent zombies, etc…:wink:


Chad, did you click the link? What are your thoughts on Lamsa’s explanations?


If you throw out demons, then you need to have a theory…on why people do bad things. If I key the words “theories on why people do bad things” into Google, I see all types of theories - from the field of psychology. And we can also look at instinct, etc. It’s probably a mixture of different theories. Sin, demons, psychology, zombies, etc.

When I watch shows on Investigation Discovery TV, folks murder others for CRAZY reasons.

And I’m against talking about demon possession or demon created illnesses. Unless you first rule out, medical and scientific explanations. Native Americans do teach about illnesses, caused by bad medicine. Which essentially is some bad guy or gal, doing some type of bad spiritual stuff on people. But there are also spiritual means - to counter this.

Perhaps a song to celebrate this thread topic?


That is quite good. But we could believe the genesis account of Adam and Eve which started this whole thing.

We all do real bad things if we don’t follow God’s commands!


Apparently Lamsa’s student Rocco Errico not only disbelieves in demons, but angels too. I don’t believe in angels either. I’ll have to get my hands on Errico’s book.


I believe in angels. They truly exist. Demons don’t but Angels do.


Though ‘bad to the bone’ is quite entertaining!