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George Lamsa on demons


Well, I ordered Errico’s book. I’ll report back on what he says about angels.


Here’s what Errico says about angels:

Michael and his angels and the war in heaven signify the struggle between truth and error. “Angel” in Aramaic means “God’s thought” or “God’s counsel”.

Regarding 2 Peter, Errico seems to concur with Lamsa, who believed that the “sons of God” were descendants of Seth who intermarried with the descendants of Cain.

“Delivered them into chains of darkness” showed that they would be enslaved to their erroneous ways. Ignorance would hold them in their error and evil actions. Such figurative expressions are well understood in Semitic language, but we in the West find them difficult to grasp and have creates unwarranted teachings of “fallen angels and demons.”


Errico seems to think angels are things people would see in visions when God communicated with them, but they’re not conscious beings with an existence independent of what the seer perceives at a given moment. Does that make sense?


I’m inclined to go along with his take on the sons of Seth… that’s not a new one; and there may well be something to the rest that he’s said there too.


I think you’re right on the money here Randy. I was just reading this morning about a local couple just sentenced to 7 years prison time for refusing to get medical treatment that would have saved their young child. The parents belonged to a ‘faith-healing’ group here in the Valley.
This case may not be directly related to demons; but then again, there may have been demonic deceit involved.


I wish folks would take more away, from the case of Luke - in the gospel. He hung around at the time, Christ, Paul and the apostles - did all the healings and miracles. But he NEVER gave up, being a physician. Why can’t science, medicine and spirituality, work TOGETHER to heal people? When I used to hang around, the Two Feathers Medicine Clan…They sent their people, to use modern medicine. But they also did their spiritual ceremonies and prayer.


Seems like a sound approach to me.


did anyone read Kelly Cahill, Encounter? Or watch Fire in the Sky with Travis Walton?


Another thing to consider is how a demon (or ghost, spirit, etc.) can manifest on the earth? Physical things are held by gravity, but a non-physical entity would not be held by gravity. The earf’ is spinning on its axis as well as traveling around the sun. How does a non-corporeal being stick around?


Same question applies, as to how humans can do what I call mystical stuff. And you see the stories, in the saints of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church. Or those from Wisdom traditions. Like the holy people of the Sufi, Yogic and Native American traditions.

Well, you can say these things are all fictitious. Or they are the work, of some Godlike devil. Or they are just byproducts, of striving to be perfect. Where I point to, the Christian position of Inclusivism.
Science is concerned with the material. Spirituality is concerned with the spiritual. I believe Adam and Eve, could do ALL this mystical stuff - before the fall. And it’s always available to us - as byproducts. It’s just that the RC and EO saints. Along with the Holy People of other faith traditions - have kept it alive.

Someday God will share, all the mysteries with us.

Even the TV show Kung Fu, alluded to this mystical stuff. And I DON’T believe, it’s demons at work. You know demons by their fruits. They want to deceive people. Advertise miracles. Sell tickets. Put on a good show. Etc. The REAL holy people, HIDE their abilities. And if confronted, point to GOD as the doer.