Gregory Macdonald reveals his true identity.


A very warm welcome & thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m halfway done with Tom Talbatt’s book. Yours is next on my list.



I love the contrasting commentators (Bird/Lyons) - seems you just please everyone :slight_smile:

  • I want a job like yours when I grow up.



Since I now realize that you have been instrumental in TWO books that have been enormously helpful to me, I must convey a deep debt of gratitude to you. Alongside “Inescapeable Love,” “The Evangelical Universalist” and Universal Salvation, the Current Debate," are by far the most substantive contemporary discussions of universalism for serious Christians. Thank you for developing and expounding your views with which all of us can interact!


Hi Robin: Thanks for revealing your identity. You’re much more courageous than I am! I’ve only revealed by universalism to a few people.

How do feel your “coming out” will affect your workplace situation? Do you expect any backlash?


That’s great! Thank you for “coming out” Robin, and I wish you all of the best in your personal and academic lives.

I must ask you this though:

Do you realize how hard it’s going to be to stop calling you “Gregory”??! You didn’t think about that, did you? You selfish man :slight_smile:


Now we know who you are I will certainly be reading your other books. TEU is the best thing I’ve read in years. Are you available to speak at parish weekends??


Dear Everybody

Thank you so much for all your kind and generous words. I am touched by your soft and gentle hearts. So very kind of you.

The surprising thing is that so far I have had no nasty feedback at all!!! Some of my friends are very conservative evangelicals and they are pretty defensive of me. I know the bad stuff will come but I don’t mind. Now I don’t have to bite my tongue I am pleased that I can just say what I think. That’s nice. I don’t think it will create a problem at work but we’ll see. What will be will be.

Next week I will be recording a radio debate on universalism with a great theologian called Laurence Blanchard (from California). It will be available online for streaming after it is broadcast. I’ll put up the link when I have it. Blanchard is one of few non-universalists who has really taken the time to understand different versions of universalism and to think them through seriously so he’ll be a good interlocutor. He’s currently writing a book on universalism and I know there is a section on me. I am curious to know what his critique will be.

Right now I have to finish off some pop Bible Study notes on Daniel (for CWR) and then I have to finish off a long paper on the use of Lamentations in Christian worship. Then it is checking the proofs for a book on exorcism followed, at long last, by giving my undivided attention to some 18th C universalists (esp. Elhanan Winchester - a hero of mine: an evangelical universalist in the true sense). I’m really getting into 18th C universalist debates (unfortunately lots of books were published and have to be dug up in obscure places!). I might even write a book on different streams of universalism in 18th C. Not sure. My other project is a post-supersessionist biblical theology and that’ll take a few years! And of course, there is also the small matter of doing my job as well.

Blessings on you all


Would this be the same chap?




was there supposed to be a link in that question? :confused:


I know we’re all looking forward to the new radio discussion, Gregory! The Darthvader voice of the “Unbelieveable” programme’s interview was interesting, though. :sunglasses:

Anyway, I just wanted to ask everyone here if we will continue calling Robin “Gregory MacDonald” as a kind of honorary name in appreciation for writing TEU.

Hope you wouldn’t mind – Gregory? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that depends on what Robory… uh, Gregin… um… Rogregorbyin… … … it depends on whatever his preference is.


From past experience, I usually call friends by their professional pseudonymns when writing about them, and by their names when writing to them; but in this case Robin’s real name is also his professional name (as editor for a publishing house). On the other hand, he’s listed for comments here as “Gregory”, so it might be confusing to other readers for us to call him “Robin”.

Up to now, my preference on forums is to usually use whatever avatar name they’re registered with. That would be “Gregory” in this case, I guess. :slight_smile:


Any news yet on the debate with Laurence Blanchard? Did it take place and is there a podcast we can listen to?



you may call me whatever you wish (so long as it is not cruel). I’m OK with Robin or with Gregory.



:laughing: :mrgreen:


Rob Roy :mrgreen:


That reminds me of Red Dwarf - Our Rob or Ross (any Lister blood in you Robory?) :smiley:


Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t think of “Rob Roy” when I saw that… :laughing: :laughing: :smiley:


Oh yes, Red dwarf… :laughing: Hilarious stuff…


people may call me what they like. I answer to Robin, Gregory, RAP, GM, your majesty, ugly fool, etc.


I’ve really enjoyed going through all the threads in our Author’s Forums.

This one gave me some good grins this morning. As for me, I don’t really care what anyone calls me, just so long as they don’t call me late for dinner… :wink: