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"Hallelujah in Hell"

Courtesy of Peter Hiett, and the Sanctuary, in Denver Colorado.

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So for those who don’t know, this is the third movie the church has done. This is absolutely fascinating for me, the topic of course, but also the church itself, because it is what I think most of us have been longing for yet don’t have. A local body of believers who believe in the Restoration of All Things. Certainly this forum fills that void to a greater or lesser extent to many of us, but The Sanctuary is a fascinating case study of a church that is actually doing what we long for.

If you don’t know his story, Peter Hiett was defrocked from his Evangelical Presbyterian Church 6 and a half years ago because he would not affirm that God tortured people forever in Hell and because he refused to recant his belief that God truly does make All Things New.

This past Sunday was the release of this newest movie. I just finished watching the sermon that went along with it. You can see it here:

He starts by reading Psalm 22, then shows the Hallelujah in Hell video, and then preaches the rest of the time. I found myself saying “Amen” a number of times. I sometimes imagine starting a house church, reading some of the books we talk about on this site, and gathering and watching Peter preach together. I actually had a woman at work ask me last week, after I shared UR to her for the first time, and she expressed how this message was something she’d been longing for all her life, when was I going to start a church, and if she could be the first to join! :laughing: We’ll see.

But I would encourage you to watch the sermon, and I would love to see more places like The Sanctuary, or like small house churches, to start popping up throughout the country. The Spirit is moving! We can all do our part.

Peter Hiett has been an inspiration to me as I struggle through this journey toward UR. I wonder if I will ever make it. I see stuff like this and it makes perfect sense. And then I go to my church and they preach on hell and I get messed up again. Thanks for post this though.

Glad you liked this and that you’re familiar with Peter Hiett. I am not yet “out of the closet” at church re: my UR, except with 2 people. I plan on sharing with my pastor at some point, before I come out to the world openly. I’m sorry that you struggle with doubts about UR. Though I have little to no doubts about UR, I do doubt other aspects of my beliefs at times. But as Richard Beck has shared, UR is the only version of Christianity that makes any sense to me. As Hiett says: “God is always better than you think”. Though I expect persecution for it, I do long for the day when I can be completely transparent with my views.

I just watched the first video tonight, Caleb, and really enjoyed it! As he’s in the town I still consider “home” I was especially excited to see a pastor with that message. It makes me very happy… :smiley: I’ll be certain to watch the second when I can. I wonder if he and his church is mentioned in the threads linked to on Sonia’s thread here:[ I’ll link to this thread there as well.

Just realized that was a moderator’s thread. :confused: Sorry for that, but it’s worth linking this to that thread which is about getting a list of “EU friendly” churches for people to search.

Here is the first video that The Sanctuary did.

The Cutting Room Floor:

Here is their second video: (my fave, I think)

Which was mentioned originally on this thread:
[Downside Up New VIdeo Series Peter Hiett)

Steve, I should have time to start that next weekend.


BTW, my husband finally got me to watch “Hallelujah in Hell” and I thought it was very well done. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say that the Lake of Fire is “heaven” – I might call it part of Gehenna. Not sure. But I liked the video very much. I’ll probably post it on my facebook page next weekend, when I’ll have the time to discuss it with people.