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Help Needed! (Universalist Archive)

I am working on a website, I want to compile as much information regarding literature written on the subject of Universalism. For right now, I am not as concerned with literature from the 21st century. First, I am working on just getting a list of who was a universalist. Then, I will make it so that when you click on their name, it will show all of their works. I will eventually list not only books that are in digital form, but will name books that can only be found in hard copy. Do you know of any other Universalists, no matter how significant or insignificant who was born before the 21st century who I can add to the list?

You’ve maybe seen this already:

I suggest going through this thread - SNIPPETS FROM MY HARD COPY UR LIBRARY and see if there is anything in there that you are looking for.

What about the 16th century (1500s)? Can anyone find me anyone during this era of time that believed in Universal salvation. I don’t think Hans Denk counts since he was born in 1495.

Look through Roger Tutts’ topic: Snippets from my Hard Copy Universalist Library.