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Holding signs saying people are going to hell


Apparently at a university a preacher was holding a sign enumerating types of people going to hell.

Even if what the preacher is saying is true, does this kind of evangelism not sit well with anyone?


It never sat well with me back when I was ECT (in college), because I didn’t think it was helpful for solving the problem, even though I could understand both the Arminianistic and the Calvinistic thought behind the attempt. (I didn’t agree with the Calv attempt, but I understood that the Calv didn’t actually think he was helping anyone, just proclaiming what the Calv believed to be true for truth’s sake. The Calvs who thought this could even possibly count as evangelism were who baffled me. :unamused: )

There was a provacateur who came twice a year to UTKnoxville with his somewhat inbred family in an old VW minibus – who among other things railed against the modern society that allowed him to travel down out of the mountains on roads with his minibus :stuck_out_tongue: – and he was a damned pain; but he did draw crowds with is trolling, who in turn trolled him back of course. The student evangelical organizations got into the habit, as did I in passing, of hanging around the fringes of the crowd to offer more sober commentary and apologetics and some evangelism; I saw what looked like some real progress done that way. So the Lord made good use of him after all. :slight_smile: Though I shudder even now when thinking of his poor family. :cry:

There were more reasonable evangelists who would show up, too, to preach on stairs and sidewalks; their crowds weren’t nearly as raucous, but neither did they look like they needed damage control so I just passed by and let them work. I was always happy to see the Gideons twice a year on registration day, passing out Bibles. :sunglasses: Makes me nostalgic for college now…


While I disagree with the preacher’s message, I applaud the way he conducted himself. The US constitution does give us the right to free speech and assembly. As long as it’s in accordance, with local, state and federal law. I think the young man, was way out of line - by trying to attack the preacher. And the preacher is right. He can call the police and press charges.


Randy, I absolutely think the preacher should have the legal right to do what he did. Just because someone should have the legal right to do something though doesn’t mean what they’re doing is right. I don’t think telling people that God is going to torture them forever unless they surrender their hearts to him is an effective way of getting them to welcome God into their lives. If anything, I think it leads to most unbelievers hardening their hearts.


I also said I didn’t agree, with the Preacher’s message. :wink: