How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


So you don’t think news orgs should ever use sources that wish to be anonymous?

In any case, left leaning news orgs do a lot more reporting than merely quoting unnamed sources.


So you don’t think news orgs should ever use sources that wish to be anonymous?

Certainly an anonymous story is a lot more unreliable although it can be true, but also it can be untrue. So when it already is anonymous and comes out and is immediately copied by the same news org over and over when the subject matter is anti-Trump it’s beyond bias or left leaning IMHO.

BTW i have no special affinity to Trump, i just believe in free markets and free speech and honestly if it were up to me i’d rather see Mike Pence as President.


Actually, Steve, I am 100% in accordance, with that statement :smiley:

P.S. Most of my Zombie friends, also agree. :slight_smile:


P.S. Most of my Zombie friends, also agree. :slight_smile:

Yes they look like yuge Mike Pence supporters! :wink:

Actually i think many of the hard core left wing think if Trump gets impeached then Hill would be Pres! :laughing:


Well this guy does NOT like Mr. Trump. But he’s such a good writer, and writes incisively about so many things, that it’s only fair he gets recognition here and I think you will find him stimulating. If you are a Trump supporter, take a xanax before reading. :smiley:

IN full:
I haven’t written much about the ongoing siege of the Trump presidency; I haven’t frankly, had much to add. But I should say something, I suppose.

First, I should say that Donald Trump is proving to be everything that all of us knew or feared he would be: a vain, impulsive, unlettered vulgarian bigmouth, ignorant, undisciplined, and unreflective. I’ll say also that he’s been, just in terms of keeping his campaign promises, a disappointment to many millions of voters who supported him not just to stop Hillary Clinton, but in the hope of aggressive and effective reversal of decades of managerial-state growth, suicidal immigration policy, and race-baiting “social-justice” warfare against the traditional American nation.

That said, it should be obvious to all that a bloodthirsty coalition of the media and members of the United States Government (especially, in the latter category, members of the judiciary and the intelligence community) are waging a bitter, take-no-prisoners campaign against this sitting President, using everything they can lay a hand on. From the start there has been a torrent of leaks, obviously coming from people with privileged access (and therefore also, obviously in many cases felonious), and the press has, in every news cycle, done everything in its power to damage and destabilize Mr. Trump’s administration. Every day is another barrage of unsourced accusations, and (in particular) charges of treasonous collusion with Russia for which no evidence is ever given.

There is not the least attempt at coherence or consistency. Things that were defended (or, at least, ignored) when Democrats did them — like sharing anti-terror intelligence with Russia, or alleged carelessness with classified material, or believing James Comey shouldn’t be the FBI director — are front-page scandals for Mr. Trump. (What this shows is simply that looking for such consistency, is naive, as we’ve pointed out before.)

Now Ross Douthat of the New York Times is calling for the removal of Mr. Trump using the mechanism outlined in Section IV of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment: the Vice-President and Cabinet declare him “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” — and should the President disagree, a two-thirds majority of both houses of Congress chucks him out anyway.

I doubt that this could happen, but you never know. I do know that if it does happen, it will be seen by scores of millions of Americans as a forcible usurpation of the man they sent to Washington to “drain the swamp” — by the very snakes, leeches and reptiles they sent him there to do battle with. It will ratchet the nation another step closer to dissolution (or worse).

I’ve said for a while that politics in America are divided beyond all hope of healing, and that the civic and social cohesion that is absolutely essential for the central governance of such a vast and diverse nation is irreparably destroyed. It has seemed inevitable to me for at least five years that the United States, as presently constituted, will not exist very much longer. One metaphor I’ve used for the state of our politics is the way a car goes off the road: the driver sees, almost too late, that he’s drifted out of his lane, steers wildly back to center, overcorrects, yanks the wheel even more frantically back the other way, and after a few iterations of this ends up losing control altogether, with disastrous consequences.

With that metaphor in mind: if you’re wondering about the title of this post, here’s a video that should make it clear.


For me, really, the media bias question has been completely settled. The ‘anonymous sources’ angle is covered pretty well here:
YMMV … greenfield


And a recent Harvard study. If you’re a doubter, take a xanax before reading. … 8-negative


Here’s another news story on Trumps anti-animal welfare reform agenda. … /520951003


So what we have Trump so far: supporting a healthcare bill that will significantly increase healthcare costs for people with expensive needs; removing restrictions on fossil fuel emissions; fighting against reforms to improve the living conditions of farm animals; allowing ISPs to sell internet-user browser history; and now ending net neutrality. But hey, at least there’s been a reduction in illegal immigration. The people who pick our fruits and vegetables have been such a big concern for me. :unamused:


I think Trump forgot about one thing, in building this wall. That’s the resourcefulness, of the Mexican zombies :exclamation: :laughing:


qaz, I am not an expert on this particular issue. I have read a few things, and this article, written by a very animal-welfare proponent, shows the history of Obama’s horrible attitude toward animals throughout his presidency. The Act you are referring to was signed 2 days before he left office.

While supposed animal welfare advocates everywhere are busy … their favorite animal abuser, let’s run down just a few examples of some of Obama’s most ridiculously anti-animal/anti-animal advocate actions as president:

Provided a $12 million grant through the USDA’s Dairy Management Council of the American Dairy Association to (get this) Domino’s Pizza in exchange for (wait for it) using 40% MORE cheese on pizzas;
The legalizing of the hunting and slaughter of America’s wild horses for human consumption, after promising to ban the act during his campaign for the presidency;
The backing of Ag Gag bills across the country that aim to unconstitutionally ban filming inside slaughterhouses, and criminally charge anyone caught doing so;
The signing into law of Senate Bill 1867 which not only lifted the ban on bestiality in the military (I must have missed all those US soldiers clamoring for the right to rape animals), but also, thanks to Obama’s predecessor and The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which classifies animal activists as potential terrorists, now legally allows for their detainment indefinitely. And here we all thought that Bush and Obama weren’t alike!
The purchasing of millions of chickens, hogs, lambs, and fish from farms and slaughterhouses across the US to, according to USDA spokesperson, Tom Vilsack, “Help bring supply in line with demand.” The Defense Department was even enlisted to “speed up purchases,” and said it “would review its meat purchases and see if they can be accelerated.” While campaigning in Iowa and bragging about the $170 million dollars in federal funds he had just dropped to “help the farmers through this crisis,” Obama is quoted as saying, “We’ll just freeze it for later. We’ve got lots of freezers.” Where is Michelle’s anti-obesity campaign when you need it?
The above statistic paves the way for Obama’s next act; the “by dark of night” signing of the 2012 Farm Bill, which, hidden amidst a massive “Fiscal Cliff” package, not only continued exorbitant government subsidies to farmers and ranchers, but also required the USDA to begin buying up dairy products. Wow! Screw the free market (and the animals)! Obama proved that the government can simply create supply and demand! Who knew?
And finally, a $15 million grant through the Dept. of Health and Human Services to build Arizona State University’s “Research Park,” which has become one of the world’s largest animal testing facilities, housing more than a quarter of a million animals, and unabashedly performing vivisection despite outcry from animal advocates.

LInk: … al-rights/


Hi Dave. From your link…

These horses were being slaughtered anyway. The US was just outsourcing it to other countries. … -industry/

I haven’t found a single news article that says Obama supported keeping animal cruelty information away from the public. Trump on the other hand… … 16953bdf1d

This indeed is bad. The rest are non-issues.


Perhaps not -non-issues"? … hterhouse/


Dave, please reread my post. I said I haven’t read anywhere that Obama supports ag gag. I said some of the other things mentioned were non-issues, not that.


The article I linked to was during the Obama administration, but I suppose he’s not responsible.


Right. Just because something happens while someone is President doesn’t mean the President supports it! :laughing:



Which I’ll try to keep in mind for the next 8 years :smiley:


Me thinks he is learning the difference between statistical correlation and statistical causation :exclamation: :laughing:

#447 … ons-2017-5


Let’s see - this guy is from an elite group of politicians who decided they did NOT want Obamacare for themselves, but were willing to inflict it on the rest of the country?

A pox on them all. There are a lot of people that will choose NOT to be on the new program - their choice.