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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Thanks. :wink:


We don’t need no stinkin’ 19 pronouns! :open_mouth:





What would your hero, Mr. Trump, say about that?
Do you know what he would say? Uhhhh… Do you know what ey would say? or should I ask, “Do you know what ve would say?” Or maybe “xe” or “ze”? Of course, you cannot know a person’s sex without asking him or em or ver or zem, because a person’s sex is not biologically determined but self-declared as a person itself learns what sex it is. :blush:

As for “personkind” aren’t we being a bit sexist in using this word? Why “perSON” kind? Why not “perDAUGHTERkind”? :unamused:


Good point! You’re a good ma…uh…pers…uh…human being!

Of course now I’ve alienated all the ET’s. :laughing:

edit: I hope that last pun was not too obscure!!


huMAN being? Why not “huWOMAN being”? Or better yet “huPEOPLE being”!

Let’s get it straight. We’ve got to stop being so sexist. We’re not just part of mankind (there are women too). As Mr.Trudeau affirms, we’ve got to start saying “peoplekind.” :unamused:

Uh oh. I realized just wrote “women.” I should have written “wopeople.” :laughing:


Perhaps wo/man would work? I talked to a person the other day who pronounced ‘women’ as ‘wimmins’. He was a large fellow who informed me he had ‘drove truck for 26 year’. Which has nothing to do with this thread. Forget I even said it, good perdaughters.


“Wimmin”… that sounds like good Aussie pronunciation. :wink: Kiwi’s pronounce “women” like we would say “woman” — we’re all a bit weird. :laughing:


When in doubt, ask an expert, in this case a self-identified genderqueer advocate (their word - ‘their’ in the singular, as explained below).

"My fifth grade teacher always told me that using “they” as a singular pronoun was grammatically incorrect. Is my fifth grade teacher wrong about that?
While I’m sure your fifth grade teacher meant well when they were teaching you the rules about pronouns, the rules you learned in fifth grade are most likely outdated by now. In fact, the 200 linguists at the American Dialect Society declared the singular “they” the 2015 word of the year. Merriam-Webster and the Oxford dictionary both also include the singular “they.”

Whether your fifth grade teacher likes it or not, “they” is now a recognized and grammatically correct singular pronoun.

Also, I don’t know the gender identity of your fifth grade teacher, which is why I used “they,” rather than “he or she.” Not only is “they” a more streamlined option, “they” also allows room for the possibility that your fifth grade teacher didn’t identify as a man or a woman at all! Maybe they were genderqueer. Maybe they were nonbinary. I don’t know their gender, so I’m not going to artificially limit your fifth grade teacher’s gender identity to one of two options. It’s a more inclusive, fabulous way to go about it."

There ya go, if you want to be fabulous, this is your roadmap. The map goes all the way to Canada apparently. :laughing:


On the political news front…Some Brazilian mathematicians have figured out…There is only one country, that will survive a Zombie Apocalypse ;

Only One Country Would Survive A Zombie Apocalypse, And It’s Not The US

Of course, I won’t reveal the answer. If you don’t read the article, you will be kept guessing. :laughing:


John Bolton, Trump’s new national security advisor, wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal last February making a case for the United States to attack North Korea “first.” In addition, Bolton has previously made statements encouraging pre-emptive strikes on Syrian and Iraqi reactor sites (in 1981 and 2007). I wonder whether this appointment result in impending nuclear world war.



Just the opposite, I think. Trump is ratcheting up the pressure on Kim the only way Kim understands. I think this will work out peacefully. We cannot wait, realistically, for another nut in charge of earth-shattering weapons.


Exactly, Dave.

Bolton spoke as a private citizen with little power. He will ADVISE, not COMMAND the President. If Kim thinks we’re not serious, then we have no leverage . . . We do NOT want a war. We can NOT back down or there will absolutely BE a war. Either way it depends on Kim, but we at least have a chance to save him and his poor enslaved citizens IF and ONLY if he believes we are serious.

Which we are.


Well, it seems to me that Mr. Bolton wants to go much further than a mere threat. He declares that the only way to stop North Korea from developing its nuclear weapons so as to be capable of nuking United States, is to carry out a pre-emptive nuclear attack against them.


We shall see.


Not going to happen. I actually think it’s possible Bolton is right–not in the sense of turning NoKo into a smoking hole, but more in the vein of what Israel did to neutralize Iran’s nukes once upon a time some years ago. If that were a viable option (which seems questionable), I’d say we should go for it. Better that than waiting for them to launch and then possibly failing to shoot the evil thing out of the sky.


I think that is exactly the thinking of Mr. Bolton, except that he wouldn’t consider it questionable.


Well, I think I have to begin to sing - the appropriate love songs. :laughing:



I’m edging close, ever closer, even closer. yet…to the cliff I just named the ZAODS.
Zombie Apocalypse Overload Derangement Syndrome.

I’m begging you Randy, help a brother out! - fight the urge to post ZA stuff all over! You have an addiction! It’s hard to have an ‘intervention’ on a forum but we could try to help you. I’ll send (a small amount) of money to help with therapy! I will pray to whatever saint - wait - let me google it - here: Dymphna - can help you.

God knows I have my quirks, slothalothaphobia (an irrational fear of armadillos); attempts to build a miniature but highly-detailed Byzantine church out of cat hair (could not find a scientific name for that one, except, maybe, the technical term ‘nuts’), and a more understandable, though troubling, desire to play ping-pong with Kate Upton. And oh yes, there are more items yet in the multi-quirkdom over which I reign.

Nonetheless, though it’s a struggle, I do not give free rein (ha) to these 'interesting, colorful, somewhat curious, seriously debilitating, charming little hiccups in an otherwise gloriously endowed Character.

There may be a little bit o’ hyperbole in the above. :laughing:


Oh, I don’t know, Don… It’s hard to know what exactly is in another person’s mind. I would like to see NoKo free. I and just about everyone else, want the people there to be free and prosperous and out from under the thumb of this evil man. No one knows how to accomplish it and hardly anyone is willing to sacrifice our own societies in order to save their poor beleaguered one (and then have them all perish in misery as the slaves of Kim anyway). A surgical preemptive strike that could somehow spare SoKo from retaliation (and Japan, too) would be a mercy, I think. I’m pretty sure though, that it can’t be accomplished. Our govt can’t seem to find their hinies with both hands, let alone do something as tricky as this. I’m afraid we’re going to blow the whole place up (I mean the planet) and that will be the destruction with fire literally accomplished. It’s not like the 1940’s and it’s not like Reagan, who had Maggie Thatcher to help him. Unless God puts His finger on the scale in some way, I’m not sure how we get out of this mess in this life.

As for John Bolton, though, I think he’s a good choice. I hope I’m right about that. It won’t work to do the Nevil Chamberlain thing with Kim any more than it worked with Hitler. Kim is a bad, bad man and he’s not going to listen to people he perceives to be weak/cowering/frightened in any way. He remembers what BHO did to Gaddafi and he doesn’t want to die in some ditch somewhere. He’s holding a knife to the throats of not only his people, but also those of SoKo and to a lesser degree, Japan. Heck, maybe even China is afraid of him. You get a vicious dog next door and yes, a big vicious dog is scarier than a small one, but the small one can still put a big lot of nasty holes in your ankle. Especially if he has a nuclear bomb in his back pocket. So you can send enough ordinance back to turn the whole place into a nuclear waste dump? You still have a big gaping hole in Shanghai. Maybe more than one. Not to mention the whole area is poisoned for decades to come.

I really think some bluster and acting like a crazy person might be in order.