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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Whether they cause unemployment, get on welfare, etc…that’s ALL a matter of statistics and relationships between variables. So I say:

Show me the statistics!

For example. I can say XXX number of new immigrants arrived - in the US. Therefore unemployment, welfare, etc. - is going up. Well, it could be college students, who can’t find work. And they are getting on welfare, etc. Or veterans, coming out of the service. ETC. ETC. Or maybe the dead, are coming back to life…and getting on welfare, etc. - as zombies. Anything is possible! Let’s get some statistics, that show cause and effect…and relationships between variables…so we can ALL review them.

Excuse me. It’s time to feed, the new welfare recipients! :wink:

And here’s some “wisdom” for everyone - from today’s Sunil Bali Blog




Gabey, I appreciate your respectful response. I have to admit I didn’t expect it. I thought that in your response, you would lash out in anger more strongly than ever.

I also appreciate your explanations.


Don, are you mustering up calamity? Just asking. :thinking:


Why would my respectful statement to Gabe "muster up calamity?
Why do you find negativity in virtually every response of mine?


Sorry, and that is for real. Your statement to Gabe could be seen as a bait.

You can’t ignore our differences in both doctrine and politics. Though we both have to agree that mixing it up here on the forum is a stimulating exercise. On some things we will never agree.

Hope we can continue to be semi civil to each other. :smile:


With a little effort, we can jack that up to fully civil! :smiley:


The interpretation of stats will vary based on the interpreter meaning I watch mostly conservative media but if you watch leftist media you fill get different conclusions from the same stats to fit their agenda. You can claim conservatives make the stats fit their agenda too and my answer is that I’ve watched a lot of both, so t least in my mind i’m following the more honest of the two major political views.
BTW I don’t think I made any claims about unemployment which is at 3.7%.


Just curious but why must people agree? So if they disagree but they are trying in good faith to find the truth , that’s the most important result IMHO.


Yes. But employment and other variables are cyclic. And that doesn’t mean there’s a correlation, between what a current president is doing and the employment results, etc. I stay away from “left” and “right” wing stats. And look at either academic or independent stats.


Well IMHO the unemployment rate is tied to GDP which under Obama averaged under 2% and under Trump is averaging over 3%. Sometimes the GDP is cyclical but sometimes it’s related to tax policy or regulations or interest rates or labor supply or encouragement from the oval office.


ONLY if you can show, a statistical cause and effect relationship - between the statistical variables.

I’m from Missouri. Show me!


Sorry but you just have to have faith!


Someone here may be interested to know that “The Zombies” have been nominated to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!


Hum! I wonder who that person could be???


That’s your taste in things, and I’m glad you are happy with that. Most of us, though, have to make decisions on non-statistical data - experience, trust, intuition etc. The human way.


What do you all think of Michael Cohen’s testimony?


Not sure I trust much these days… With the rich and powerful at the top, both Democrat and Republican alike can frame, be framed, or find a scape goat… Not sure I trust much of anything unless I see it for myself.


What do you think?


Hum! There’s an interesting article about Google, in today’s BBC news: :wink:


Given his usual reactionary rapid-fire little fingers… no tweets from the twit on this, the silence is deafening??