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Is All Scripture equally valid for us?


This paper has been priceless for me. It was a key part of the puzzle in my search for the truth.

Just wanted to say thanks for doing the work of compiling scriptures into short essays like this that connect the dots.

Don’t stop the labour of connecting the dots, I can personally attest to how God is using it. Along with a few other of yours. The history of God’s plan, and the paper on Jeremiah and Jesus words on Ghenna. Sorry don’t remember the titles of the top of my head.

I sit in Awe,

Thank you for your deeply encouraging note. It can often seem that studies done are only of much interest to just me. Thus it’s a blessing to think God can use it to encourage others in their journey, and shared efforts to also “connect the dots.”

Grace be with you,

Another great paper, Bob. Just posting to say thanks and perhaps bump it up on the board so that anyone who hasn’t read it can take a look.

Thanks Caleb!

It’s neat to know someone else has found developments in my own studies helpful or stimulating. A new book I am currently finishing which more directly tackles this topic’s question is “Sacred Word, Broken Word, Biblical Authority and the Dark Side of Scripture” by Kenton Sparks. Both Scot McKnight and I. H. Marshall (who critiqued Talbott’s universalism in “Universal Salvation, the Current Debate”) agree that the challenges raised here cannot be avoided.