Is there space for a roman catholic?


Hi everyone - I used to dabble in this board before converting to the RC faith. Ive been RC for 2 years now, and loving it…I realize we do not teach universalism in our Church, but many of us believe that heaven is full and hell is either empty or almost empty, lol! Im wondering if there are any other RCs on this board?

Blessings to all -

Tamaraz (used to be zaida when I dabbled here before)


Hi again, Ms. Zaida! :smiley:

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Hi tamaraz.

I would be interested to know why you converted to the Catholic faith. What were you before?



Ditto Dondi. :slight_smile:


Im no fan of Catholicism but ‘‘theory’’ per say is not so much the issue for me :astonished:

as I said to one of my atheist friends (not that I have many, most people I’m closely assosiated with are christian of one variety of another)

unless any christian is prepared to risk their life for your safety and the safety of your family (no matter what they believe) refuse to listen to them,

because as I read the bible

they are just clanging symbols ! :smiling_imp:


of course there’s space for RC believers…at the end of the day, i reckon most of us are going to be embarrassed at the things we let divide us in the past! i think there’s a lot of stuff RC believers and Protestant believers can learn from each other. It’s all good in my book.

i’m sure stuart above meant to say that love is the key virtue, and that anything else is just noise, as Paul said.


Hi Tamaraz, and welcome back!


Welcome back sister! My fiancee, who is a fellow Universalist in the Disciples of Christ (DOC) grew up in Catholic tradition and be assured you are not the only Catholic Universalist in our midst.


:smiley: thank-you, yes its essentially the gist of what I was getting at, incase you haven’t figured it out yet I tend to be grossly misread by christians whenever I open my mouth :astonished:


but I will admit I have wanted for some time to post a post along those lines asking all the readers (I guessing about 50 % here have me on their ignore list)

how do you love me ?


I’ve been flirting with Catholcism. I recently read a good book called The Joy of Being Catholic.


Hello! Its 2 months later but I am responding to andreliogi who said “I am flirting with being Catholic” - if you would like to PM we we can def discuss! I am loving my faith (for the most part) - I willt ry Pming you! :slight_smile:

Zaidagal (and tamaraz - one and the same person)