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Jason Versus Annihilationism

Hey Jason, I appreciated reading compilations that you made against conditional immortality / annihilationism. For example, you wrote about Old Testament uses of words that literal mean annihilation while the words were used in a context of a redemptive goal. Could you please compile these passages for us so that we can easily find them? Perhaps you have then somewhere in the forum, but I cannot find them. Peace, Jim

I’m confused. Is this Jason and the annihilation scenes?

Kind of a bare-bones comment there, Randy. :smiley:

Well, I wish I had a skeleton of such a compilation handy, but I don’t… :laughing:

To be honest, I don’t recall doing that particular work. Doesn’t mean I didn’t, I just don’t recall it.

When I get back to the office, after tonight’s ice storm goes away (possibly Monday), I’ll see if I kept any notes along that line. I suspect someone else here was who did it, though. The closest thing I recall doing was a check on some cognates for “destruction” in the NT. (I mean, I talk about annihilation when it seems specially relevant as a topic on some scripture I’m discussing, but I don’t recall doing an OT term usage analysis of that sort.)

On a more trivial topic, I’m glad to confirm the category works! I have occasionally worried I accidentally set it up wrong so that only I could post in it! – but due to my persistently screwy relationship with the admin powers, I haven’t been able to go back into the user interface to check on it. :blush:

I like your posts.
The content is so interesting.
Thanks for sharing here.
I am glad to be here. :mrgreen:

[tag]james.goetz[/tag], was this what you were remembering? An old (pre-forum) analysis I did of (part of one chapter of) Bacchiocchi?

A much more recent digest from Thanksgiving 2012, vs our friend Chris Date (aka Theopologetic) from Rethinking Hell, as part of a three way debate.

This all reminds me I’ve long been meaning to write up a commentary on Mr. Fudge’s 3rd edition of The Fire That Consumes, but it would doubtless be such a massive effort in itself that I might as well just incorporate the replies as part of my own book. :wink:

Thanks Jason. Great material :smiley: