Jesus Breaking In


I brought this to our group last night, and everyone wanted to do it. I’m excited!

Here’s the link in case you’d like to read the whole post. Also, Ross’ book, which you’ll find there, too, is well worth reading. … -movement/

I find it particularly poignant to note that the brothers and sisters in this covenant specifically mention their children. I have three children, and all three are in rebellion against the Lord. My dear friends are all very young and their children are very young. While they love and support me the best they can, they simply aren’t able to identify with this (about the children) as much as I do. This just touched me for some reason. It made these people seem more real to me.

This is the prayer covenant that sparked the 2nd Great Awakening in the United States. It was a BIG deal (and I had never heard of it until I read Ross’ book!) It was largely this awakening that brought American evangelicalism to birth.

So . . . these were ordinary brothers and sisters who loved and ached for their children and for the lost in their vicinity. There was nothing special about them . . . except that they did something. They prayed, specifically and persistently and fervently for over a year, and God honored their prayers. Tens of thousands of people’s lives were transformed in this outpouring, and back in the day, that was a LOT.

I am asking the Father to pour out His Spirit on America, from where my daughter is in Seattle, to here in South Dakota (where my youngest is), to my son’s home in Sarasota, FL. For those of you not familiar with US geography, that’s pretty much “from sea to shining sea.” He did it for these people; why wouldn’t He do it for us? It’s according to His will; there are two or more; we desire it with all our hearts. The people are weary and scattered like sheep without a shepherd. There is so much pain, so much hatred, so much hurt. Please search your hearts and see whether you would like to join with me and my friends in interceding for your own countries and cities and towns.

We’re planning to stick with the times as specified in the covenant above, as that works well for us, but we’ll add a few things to it – like praying for the body of Christ, for every member to function, and for Jesus to be manifested in His people to the world. If this resonates with you, would you please join us? You can “sign” the agreement (even if your group would like to make your own or change the times to work better for you) in a reply below.

Love you all, Cindy


Wow, I’d never heard of that before. I don’t pray as much as I want to, and I suspect I’m not alone in that either. I do pray that America sees revival.


I hadn’t, either, Alex – and I grew up in Florida, in church. You’d think I’d have heard about something so important.

As I prayed over this, I saw in my heart that we’d need to be united (not necessarily to agree, but to understand one another) in important doctrines, so I guess I’ll be discussing this with the group, just so we all know where we stand. Last week we talked about Arminianism vs Calvinism, and I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that these were new terms for most of the group. People who’ve been Arminians all their lives typically don’t know it, and though they’ve heard of Calvinism, they have only a vague idea that it has something to do with predestination. So we talk past one another and nobody even realizes the other is coming from vastly different concepts of God. So please pray for me if God brings me to your thoughts, that I’ll be clear and loving and able to share my (unique) position so that it will be understood.

The other thing is that I should pray that the work of God should spread like burning brands from a forest fire. (We have a lot of fires in this country. I expect you do, too.) The loft of the fire floats burning branches hundreds of yards from the fire, starting new peripheral fires. No one can put these fires out but God. We try our best, but in the end, it’s always a big rainstorm that does it.

Thanks for your response, Alex. I do hope the Spirit will speak to your heart and encourage you to join us in praying for your home, too. :slight_smile:

Love you, Brother