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JRP brings Evangelical Universalism to Youtube

Since I now have been invited to do a weekly show, set up by Erik Lauren Mayle, on Evangelical Universalism (in the sense of being trinitarian Christian and faithful to the authority of the Biblical testimony, for sake of leading people to the Father through the Son in the Spirit)… {inhale!}

…I figured I ought to start collecting the episodes here for convenience. However long we may go at it. God grant that we help people put their trust in God, including for salvation from their sins, out of injustice and into love fulfilled in justice!

The show is a spin-off of the “Wondering Pilgrim” show that Erik is trying to get going.

This is the WP episode (a week after Robin Parry’s interview) from which the Evangelical Universalist show spins off.

I’m only guest speaking for 2 hours; the remaining hour is post-show talk.

Last night’s show, officially the first episode.

I go back and focus more on the metaphysical logic leading to Christian universalism through establishing trinitarian theism, and only really get to the topic of Christian universalism at the end – but it’s in the established context of how the trinitarian doctrines fit together and how the doctrinal set is distinct from other religions and philosophies (though with some obvious agreements along the way up to various points.)

Having done that I can focus more on the scriptural evidence, which isn’t so (relatively) easy to work straight through in a logical systematic progression. Which will help me figure out what order of exegetical arguments I want to put together for the book I’ve been writing for years. :sunglasses: :ugeek:

Next time I’ll be working on one of Jesus’ key statements about the purpose of resurrecting people to judgment.

Good stuff, looking forward to the next videos.

Some of the interruptions were driving me up the wall though…

Somehow the thread got moved to Dr. Parry’s author category?? I’m not reading his book on the internet (or discussing it really)…

Oh well. Moved it back here. :smiley: (Unless I was so scatterbrained that it put it in Robin’s forum the first time…?)

Episode 2 is here! What is the purpose of God’s judgment? So that all persons will come to honor the Father and the Son! – so does God’s ultimate judgment fail? (Spoiler: no. :mrgreen: ) Does God give all persons to the Son? Yes to be raised, yes to be judged, yes to be given eonian life. Shall the Son lose any the Father has given Him? No, no, no. How does the Son judge? By fulfilling the precept or command of the Father. Which is? To give eonian life to all things which the Father has given Him. Eonian life is itself the judgment on those still not honoring the Father or the Son; but is also the judgment by which all who don’t yet honor the Father and the Son shall come to honor both the Father and the Son: even those who have died in their sins rejecting that the Son is “I AM” (but then afterward they shall come to accept the Son is “I AM”.)

Picks up some philosophical spares from last week, and then I go on to talk about quite a lot of GosJohn (especially chapter 5) plus a few places in GosMatt and the OT including Jer 31.

Matt 25 (sheep and goats) very briefly – more on that next week.

John 5:1-17

Matt 12:9-14 / Mark 3:1-6 / Luke 6:6-11

Matt 11:25-30

John 5:18-30 (5:23 is the key verse for the night)

Daniel 12

John 6:37-40, 44-45

Jeremiah 31

John 8:21-30

Matt 23:38-39 (briefly)

John 12:32, 47-50

John 17:2-20 (17:2 is another key verse for the night)

The argument ends around 2 hours 30 minutes, but the show continues another 20 minutes, and somewhere in there includes a pretty detailed discussion of Matt 18:21-35.

The 3rd show.

Mostly about GosMatt 25 (and the preceding parable of the set of four, at the end of Matt 24).

God willing and the creek don’t rise, tomorrow at around 5pm Central US Standard time (Memphis, Chicago, New Orleans), we’ll be recording Episode 4 of the series.

Anyone can watch the recording live at around that time here. … cam3d6mdpc

I’ll post the completed video here Friday sometime, as usual.

Mostly on the incident reported at Mark 9 and Matt 18, with topical connections and references in various other places. In other words, the primary Gehenna warnings.

Prepare thyselves… :sunglasses:

Mostly on Matt 18 and Mark 9, the primary Gehenna texts.

Also includes discussion on Matt 3 and its connections to Malachi 3 & 4.

Also includes discussion on Matt 5’s Gehenna verses, and some other related things from GosLuke.

Surprise epilogue on the parable of the Rich Man in hades, and its direct connections to Matt 18 and Mark 9.

(I say “surprise” because I literally only figured this out yesterday around noon while preparing the presentation. :ugeek: )

The biggest mistake I’ve found in last night’s show, which I’ll excuse only because I was rushing to be meticulous in preparing the material this week, is fortunately not a mistake that hurts my argument in any way, and I owe [tag]SLJ[/tag] for pointing it out: the verb for “salting” at Mark 9:49 is not the same as the verb for “scatter” anywhere else in scripture, including “the one who does not gather with Me, scatters” – that term is {skorpiz-}, not {halis-} Completely different root word.

But since the people I’ve seen trying to get around the implications of 9:49-50 might have had some specific examples of term usage there (though this morning I couldn’t find any in the Lexicons), I think it’s okay to hypothetically check what happens if the term is translated “scatter” instead. It doesn’t hold up on examination anyway. :slight_smile:

I picked up a stomach virus over the weekend, and the show was delayed for ‘work’ work anyway, but here’s last week’s show at last. :mrgreen:

Mostly about the sin against the Holy Spirit and the narrative contexts around the saying (or sayings; Luke reports it at a different time, though he does report the basic controversy.)

Episode 6 is a systematic summary of material in Eps 2-5, since for the most part those eps only work on specific blocks of the Gospels without necessarily doing a lot about putting the arguments all together in relation to one another.

Despite the density, the main discussion is shorter than the previous eps, so if you haven’t watched one yet this is the one to get in on!

Skipping past Season Two (which is about the metaphysical side of things), back to the scriptural argument with Episode 3.1 a few days ago!

“The One Who Has Authority To Destroy The Soul In Hell”

Lots of interesting things around these verses in GosLuke and GosMatt… :ugeek:

…weird, I can’t get the Youtube code to work on the forum now. Copy-pasting the code from the previous post, still works. I know the youtube address is valid because I’m listening to it in the background. I guess just click on the hyperlink instead?

I fixed it. Steve showed me this long, long ago. If there’s an “https” instead of an “http”, you have to take off the “s”, and then it’ll work. I don’t know why.

Congratulations, btw. I didn’t know you’d been doing this. I’ll have to try and have a look though as you know, I’m on satellite and so I don’t often watch Youtube videos–not long ones, anyway. [tag]Seeking The Truth[/tag] may be interested, though. He’s been looking for Trinitarian universalist youtube presenters.

I know he has watched it (far enough to hear we’re going to get to Jesus’ remarks about Sodom, and so Sodom’s fate more generally, next time). But I don’t think he has commented on it yet?

“Jesus Christ and the Salvation of Sodom”

I thought the forum was going to freeze around the time we did this episode, so I hadn’t posted this yet. But gosh, who knows when that’s going to happen now? :unamused: …yaaaayyy!?

Wait, this can’t really be Season 4.1 yet!

…I mean no, it really can’t. :wink: I’ll have to get Erik to edit the title. We’re still firmly in Season 3, just with more delays than I wanted while working on two eps of material (split into three eventually). And with more eps to come before we finish out the season.

Anyway this is the first of two parts on scriptural connections to universal salvation in the Gospel nativity stories.

And now the proper link.

Needs to fast forward past the first three minutes for technical difficulties.