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Thanks for posting that Piece on Jubilee. A beautiful look at an OT principle communicated by God to his people. One that takes on much more significance for a Universalist.

One that again, demonstrates the Grace of God and his plan for all creation.


You’re welcome - sorry I didn’t see your post until now.


I haven’t read any of the links provided yet on this, but it’s been something that is a very pivotable subject for me when dealing with not just UR but dimensional principles as a whole. For me, it answers the question “why now?” We’ve known for years that the concept of UR has been around ever since the early church days, but there seems to be a insurgence of it as of late. I think books like what Rob Bell has recently published are going to become the norm rather than the eccentric.

And the reason I believe this has everything to do with . .the Jubilee. I’m gonna make this short, I’m not sure if I’ve already posted on this before or not but I’m just going to put it up there and let it reveal what it will.

We all know that Jubilee is something that takes place every 50 years, and like some have already mentioned on this thread, everything written has spiritual significance . . or symbolism. Especially the laws and holidays orchestrated by God, delivered through Moses. Jesus proclaimed that “he” was the Sabbath … .not just the Sabbath, but the Sabbath of Sabbaths. “That’s” what the Jubilee is. The sabbath came every 7 days . . .then there was the Sabbath year . . .then when you took a Sabbbath year and multiplied it times itself . . .7 x 7 it equaled 49 and immediately following the sum of the Sabbaths came . . .Jubilee. So, when we say Jesus was the Sabbath of Sabbaths, we’re saying he was . . .the Jubilee.

Then when you read what Jesus chose to read aloud the first time he stepped into the temple at the beginning of his ministry as to what his purpose for coming was, “Proclaiming the favorable year of the Lord” was included in the list. The Favorable year was actually the Jubilee, which again . . .isn’t so much about a literal measure of time as much as it is the substance the symbol is pointing to . .which is, Jesus is proclaiming his time had come to free the captives, heal the sick, let the lame walk . . return everything that was lost due to debt back to the origin of the owners.

So . . .in this light, I would say God measures according to the expanse of Jesus. Jesus is the level, the measureing tape, the plumb line. which then solves the riddle of Genesis 6. God says no longer will he struggle with man . . .what is the number of man? 6. But his “days” shall be 120 years. Ever since God said that, in all of the recorded geneologies in Scripture, there is only one man that ever lived exactly 120 years . . .and that . …was Moses . .who represented what? Law. Labor. Strife. 6 days the Israelites were to work for their living, but on the 7th, the rules all changed. Not only changed, but they were reversed. Much like the principles of the kingdom seem to be a reversal of natural reasoning. Least is greatest, last is first . . .his ways not our ways, thoughts not our thoughts . . .

So … to be quick about this, Jesus is the measuring stick God uses . . .so . . .take the 120 God proclaimed, multiply it by 50, who Jesus is and what is the sum? 6000 . . .six days. God will only wrestle with man for 6 days . . .why? Because at the end of the 6 days comes the Sabbath day where the message is no longer about laboring minds of men, but now it’s about RESTING in the FINISHED WORK of Jesus.

It’s been said that from Adam to Jesus is roughly 4000 years and from Jesus to today is another 2,000. do the math. 6 days have passed . .the Sabbath has come.

For those who wish to argue the math . . .try this one on . . .Jesus stated "tear this temple down and in THREE DAYS I will raise it back up . . .well . . .that was proclaimed two days ago . . .THIS is the BEGINNING of the THIRD DAY.

The Sabbath has come.