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Kids misbehaving at church


I had a very aggravating time at mass this morning. In the pew in front of me there was a family with kids who were making a ruckus the whole time: fighting, going in and out of pews, rolling around on the floor… I couldn’t concentrate on worshiping the Lord. Does anyone else think a church should have a policy that if parents can’t get their kids to behave, they ought not bring their kids to service?


Normally, church services have a children’s program, that commences during the church service. And children are invited to this, after a few minutes of service. Wasn’t that in place?

And someone from the church, should have intervened. Like talk to the parents, etc.

Which is where the fault ultimately likes - with the parents. If they can’t control them in church, what is their behavior like at home?


No. Perhaps the church is too small. I won’t be attending any more though.