Linking Quantum Theology, Celtic Christianity & Universalism


Whilst looking for other EUs on the internet to invite to this forum, I came across:

, Frank A Mills"]LIBERATION = “TO BE SET FREE” … from dogma
… systems that exclude in the name of God
… from narrow-minded thinking

Christianity for today rooted in Quantum Theology, Christian Universalism, and sustainable living.

An inclusive, thinking (and questioning) non-dogmatic discussion for those who are not sure what they believe, but lean toward Jesus and his teachings, or are just simply exploring the existence of God. Or perhaps you do know, but still question and resist narrow-mindedness.Anyway, I had an interesting email conversation with Frank, hopefully one day he’ll be able to join the discussions here :slight_smile:


What the heck is Quantum Theology? :confused:


Beats me :laughing:


Er, maybe it’s theology packaged in little packets of light?.. :mrgreen:

Sounds like an interesting concept, at least from the title. :ugeek:


i must admit, quantum theology appeals to the sci fi geek in me! :smiley:
though it also sounds very …fast. for some reason lol

i’ve had a limited exposure to Celtic Christianity, but i’ve been attracted to it. it, i believe, is the very loving and beautiful and natural Christianity which the Celts seem to have embraced before they were Catholocised. the facts are shrouded in the depths of time (fantasy geek taking over now :smiley: ) so it’s possible they weren’t as good as they have been glamourised to be, but still, it’s interesting…


ahh this may help:


My Belief - QES

God versus a Technological Singularity

Quantum Theology is linked to the only religion that reveres God’s Works (everything not touched by man); aka Science. But how?

Axiom of Choice extended to include Relativity

Religions in-general want to link to an innate belief; but why… how?

Humanity is only 30,000 years old technologically; only recording tech within the last 5,000 years, and, only 1,000 years old of any organized significance studying God’s Works (physics). Religions study man’s works, Science attempts to remove man from the understanding of God through God’s Works. Science is not perfect, the beliefs held are carried on from teacher to student. Very infrequently, the student finds a foot hold to step towards truth.

Man ONLY knows one truth: Something Exists. Every other perspective (set of mutually supporting relationships) is based in partial understandings. That which we believe is always inconsistent incomplete and/or inconsistent; to include all religions and areas of science.

Anyone who claims to “know”, is deceiving themselves. Humans can ONLY hold partial perspectives within their small minds. Relying on others based on unfounded faith, to avoid the pain of research and discovery, is an act to ensure ourselves and our children never find an alliance with God’s Works.

Common Sense is more than a catch phrase, it is the basis for sharing Respect; and acquiring self-respect.

How Respect Works

If a system of beliefs does not provide everyone with the potential to earn Respect willfully, and with the developed mental skills not to be easily manipulated, then the system of beliefs was likely created to enslave the masses under the regime of a mafia; not enlightenment.

Such are the simple relationships of my beliefs; an endeavor to eliminate contradictions, to relate strongly to God’s Works.

What are your beliefs?


Doesn’t sound much better than Phlogiston Theology.