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List of those of who reject traditional hellism


How about adding Julian of Norwich to the hopeful universalist list? :slight_smile:


I read that the current Pope Francis believes in annihilationism (as his personal opinion), maybe somebody wants to further investigate this: … ce-of-hell


Well, I have read the article. And I notice, it also says this:

Since these conversations were not recorded and reconstructed by the journalist - from memory. And Pope Frances…in the tradition of the CIA (and myself here - at times)…Is neither affirming nor denying this…It’s hard to say, what the truth is. But he probably gave it, as a private opinion. But not as an OFFICIAL opinion, as head of the RC Church.

It’s interesting that, I side with the article Purgatorial Conditionalist. Where I believe the final fate of mankind, is some hybrid of possible, potential universalism and conditional immortality. But If I were Roman Catholic, I could NEVER say that - as a member. But as an Eastern Orthodox or Anglican, I could hold that position - as a theological opinion. Since historical church fathers, sided with universalism, annihilation and ECT (and I would add, possible self-imposed exile). And one can find texts in scripture, for all these positions. But I would first add (like Anglican Bishop, NT scholar - NT Wright says), you need to determine - whether descriptions of hell, are literal or metaphorical (i.e. see

Probably - as a Roman Catholic…I could hold the opinion, that hell is really some type - of self-imposed exile (like authors CS Lewis and Joshua Ryan Butler entertain). That the descriptions are metaphorical. And hopefully, all will eventually be saved.

Here’s an interesting article, I came across today:

Six (or sixteen) views on hell

Just a footnote here. The article position entitled Purgatory now, hell later by C.S. Lewis, is similar to second chance theology (where hell is now Hades), presented at:

Salvation for the Dead -Hades is not Hell -A Biblical Second Chance Theology for Dead People in Hades

As far as hell goes, the devil says business is picking up :exclamation: :laughing: