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On my XP dinosaur of an OS, there is a ‘system restore’ that can do just that; it has cleared up many a problem for me, especially those problems that arise after, say, a Java update or a or a service pack upgrade. Perhaps you’ve already done this, and I don’t know if Safari has the feature or not, but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t. Good luck.


Hmm… that’s very puzzling :confused:

What operating system are you running? (e.g. Windows 7, Service Pack 1 or Mac OS X 10.9)
What browser version? (e.g. Chrome Version 39.0.2171.62 beta (64-bit) )


Alex, I am running Windows 7 and my browser is Firefox. The puzzling thing is that the problem doesn’t occur with the forum “” and I think it is based on the same …(I don’t know how to say it).


.-Arthur Conan Doyle

The problem here is that the obvious (i.e. cookies) has been looked at and I conclude from the conversations - eliminated. I conclude other suggestions (i.e. like static vs dynamic IP) were tested and eliminated. There’s also no apparent tech forum discussions - given the keywords I’ve used - showing similar problems, other than the one I shared. It could then be any number of unknown variables.

The most logical approach is for some admin here, who is tech savvy, to work on the problem with a remote tool - with permission. If this approach is taken, I recommend the free for private use tool Team Viewer, installed on the tech admin and user machines. You can also use Skype for voice conversations during the diagnosis.


Hm, I always thought (though I couldn’t confirm it decisively) that a dynamic IP at the office was why I can’t keep admin powers for long. But if so, that never affected me being able to automatically log in.

Not that that observation helps Paidion, unfortunately. :frowning: I’m almost entirely sure our problems were completely different though superficially similar in effect.

Just to be sure, though, are you using ATT’s Uverse (or Youniverse or whatever they’re calling it) Paidion?


Until I looked it up just now, I had no idea what U verse is.

No, I live out in the backwoods of Ontario, and I receive my internet from a tower 6½ miles away. However, I don’t see why this is relevant to the problem, since the problem doesn’t occur with any other site except the EU site.


When I can’t find a solution, I look for an effective substitute. For example, the recipe for Venison stew calls for 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce. But a search of the Internet said I can substitute Soy Sauce instead. In this software issue, why not just install a free login password manager, with an auto-log-in feature?


That is what I have done long ago, Randy. So it’s not too much of a chore to logon every time.


Did you try ‘system restore’ ?


It isn’t much a chore to login manually, either. Also, I don’t have the issue either.


Now it’s getting to the point where, after having logged on to the forum, I am sometimes thrown off.


^^ That was happening to me, too, as part of that rare router problem off-site a few miles away (but was also affecting other sites I visited). I would log in and a few minutes later the system would log me out again.

The effect, or something similar, didn’t occur on every site I visited, just some of them, this being one. So it’s still possible, though maybe not probable, that that’s still your problem, Paidion, and you just happen not to be visiting other sites which trigger the problem.


My login problem is solved!

Lancia suggested first thing that I might need to reset the cookie settings. Somehow, I thought I knew about that, but actually I had never tried it.
When I did, I found that the cookie setting was “accept cookies for the session”. When I changed it to “accept cookies”, the problem was solved.
I never used to have the problem. How the setting got changed from “accept cookies” to “accept cookies for the session”, I guess I’ll never know.

In checking back, I saw that Lancia also suggested that I could get Firefox help in order to do this, but stupidly I didn’t try the suggestion. Yet somehow I ended up doing it on my own, and succeeding, only to find, when I checked back on the posts, that Lancia had advised it and I had ignored the advice. :unamused:


I’m happy that your problem is solved.

It’s interesting that in trying to help you, I was better able to help myself. I’ve had the same login problem with Pandora Internet Radio on my computer for a long time. After trying to help you solve your problem, I had renewed energy to solve my own problem. And I found the solution. For some reason the critical Pandora login cookie was hidden from view. So, it was continually being deleted whenever I cleaned cookies from my computer with CCleaner. That was the case even though, confusingly, two other Pandora cookies were visible. I was protecting those two, thinking they were the login cookies. Once I figured out how to expose the critical login cookie, I was able to see what it looked like and then get it protected.

Isn’t life funny that way?


Glad you figured it out - the other idea I just had was to use LastPass to save your username/password & automatically log you in.