All you need to do, is go to the article at Choosing a New Church or House of Worship. The subtitle highlights the top elements: Americans look for good sermons, warm welcome. I am sure there are many other studies and polls out there - regarding this topic. :smiley:

Now, in keeping with the Holy Fools tradition…let’s look at some pictures, of how not to choose a church, tradition or congregation. :laughing:


This is fun:

The group at ship of fools gets reports, in a specified format, from those out in the wide world who visit churches of various and I mean Various kinds and report back. I really enjoy reading them, from the warm happy-clappy to the stodgid ly stoic and cold. The ‘reviews’ cover things like, how was I greeted (if at all - sadly often not), what kind of music, sermon length and subject, number of parisioners - all very interesting.


That is a hoot :laughing: :laughing: I was reading one of the accounts and it said:
**Did anyone welcome you personally? **
As I came in, two elderly ladies sitting in the foyer looked at me askew and asked (in a very loud voice), “Who are you?” As I stepped into the hall, someone handed me a Bible and invited me to take a seat wherever I liked. A couple of people smiled and said hello.

Who are you… :open_mouth: