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Maimonides on angels


As you guys probably know, I don’t believe in angels, at least as creatures. Maimonides was Jewish, but IMO his view is plausible. What do you think of his view?


That’s interesting Qaz - seems that Moses Maimonides was defending the concept of our human freedom to turn completely to God in teaching that there are no other actual beings - at least on earth - that exist. That is an extremely elevated view of human freedom and accountability - with or without belief in supernatural beings that can influence us. I remember reading Richard Beck and Walter Wink on the ‘powers’ - they both gave a demytholgised account of angelic and demonic forces as representing the structures of power in our world that either promote human flourishing or take away our humanity (for example the institution of slavery would be a demonic power which influences the behaviors of people beyond their conscious choices. I think I need some sense that there are things beyond the control of individual choices to make sense of the world.