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Miroslav Volf - Yale Divinity

I’ve started reading his book “Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace”. Great book so far! A few of the phrases from his various books/articles are (related to universalism):

  1. “Though those who have been touched by God’s love ought to hope for a universal nonrefusal, if they are not blind to the human condition they will be hesitant to count on it.”

  2. “I am not a universalist, but God may be”

It seems to me he has inclusivist leanings, if not universalist leanings. Anyways, I would think he would be a great guest to temporarily replace Joel Green. He’s a widely respected theologian originating from Croatia, so he has a unique theological perspective. Auggy, any idea if you could land Volf to dialogue w/ GMac?

I second that notion!

Incidentally, I’ve never once counted on the human condition for universalism… :mrgreen: But then, I don’t consider universalism to involve non-refusal by God. I consider universalism to involve action by God toward saving sinners from sin. :slight_smile: Most (or all??) of the local kaths here, including Gregory, would agree on that, I think. (Volf may be thinking more of popular I’m-not-sinning-I’m-living-my-lifestyle-choice universalism. :neutral_face: )

I’ll drop an invite to him and see if he’d be willing to dialogue.


Thanks auggy for inviting him. Hopefully he agrees.

Any updates on your contact w/ Volf, Auggy? Volf may deny being a universalist, but there are far too many subtle (and not so subtle) references to universalism in the book I just finished reading (“The End of Memory: Remembering Rightly in a Violent World”) for that refutation to have any merit. BTW, a great book. A little difficult to follow in certain areas, but a fantastic read!

I think he would be an incredibly insightful partner with Gregory or Tom, not as a staunch opponent of universalism, but as someone who lives as if universalism is true, even if he may not agree with the tenets of UR.

Just discovered Dickson respects Volf… unfortunately I haven’t read any Volf but how is he going, is he a universalist yet? :slight_smile:

(sorry for posting on threads hunting for additions to the list - tell to quit it if it becomes annoying)

Can anyone confirm Volf’s position (prefwith quote?) on universalism/hell/annihilationism?