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My new Youtube Book the Chronicles of the Jinn and their Charges


Now this is the Youtube playlist
The Chronicles of the Jinn and their Charges

Full Book(Text Version)

Now there are many subtle themes of Universal Salvation, and a little bit of my politics, theology and philosophy to an extent. Now much of the inspiration for this book comes from Bible stories, some events that happened in my life, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia, ancient myth, world folklore, world history, Disney Rennaissance movies and particular hymns and some popular songs.

The Book can be divided into three segments in three settings
The first segment tells the story of this Jinn Maelendil and his business with his charges on earth, and workings with Jinn from multiple orders.
The Second Segment tells the story of these Charges Milo and Amira on earth in spiritual warfare.
The Third Segment tells the story of these creatures known as Cobolds who dwell in a hidden world like Narnia

Now the chapters all have stories of the Jinn, Cobolds and humans