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New Moderator & some clarifications about the Moderator role


VERY WELL SAID!! – anyone is entirely welcome (and able) to moderate in the most important way that God cares about.

There are certain stationkeeping functions, too, which involve having superpowers (in a manner of speaking) for serving the membership, but we want people of a certain character to have that power to lower the incidents of the power being abused. Matt has demonstrated he’s that kind of person and has been active enough on the forum for us to expect he’ll continue being active in the future, which in practical terms means he pays attention to multiple threads so if people are having a problem they’re more likely to get some help.

Now when it comes to admin status, we’re getting closer to authoritatively representing the intentions of the site owners when they created the forum, so if the forum was created to favorably promote discussion of Christian universalism from a trinitarian perspective, it makes sense that the owners would share admin rank with people who are committed to that.

On the other hand, we decided it was okay to invite some guest authors on who aren’t all that gung-ho about trinitarian theism, and they get their own featured categories! :laughing: (And mod powers within their featured categories by the way.)

But on the other other hand, it would run against the purpose of the site for us to invite more than a small minority of such authors to have categories.

We also have a special rank called advisers who get to see some backchannel stuff and whose opinions we want to hear from, even though they don’t have mod powers per se.

So we do try to strike a protective balance while respecting the purpose of the forum as established by the site owners.


And here I thought love was the foundation of Christian theology. More and more these days I’m convinced that false religion seeks to undermine love, making things important that really aren’t. I’m starting to think I’m less and less an evangelical, but I’m ok with that.

Congratulations, Matt! I’m glad there are people, like you, that are willing to give of their time. I’m not able to contribute much, but I really enjoy the stimulating thought here.


Amen :slight_smile: Aye, I believe Jesus is at the core of Christian theology, and what was Jesus all about?
Love, which of course makes love the foundation. :slight_smile:
And the Bible says God is Love, so that adds some weight. :wink:
And I totally agree that any way of thinking that denigrates love to a secondary issue is way off the mark.
And yeah, I don’t think we have to be evangelicals, whatever that may mean… I think we just need to be ourselves, whoever God made us to be. :wink:

Thanks Amy and blessings to you :slight_smile: