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Numbers 22:22 why was God angry?

In Numbers 22:20 God gives Balaam permission to go with the men sent by Balak. But then in 22:22 it says God was angry because Balaam went. Why was God angry with Balaam going when God had told Balaam that Balaam could go?

Because Balaam was supposed to bless the people not curse them. He went with wrong motives.

Can you explain how you concluded this?

If you read on, the Angel of the Lord puts the words in Balaam’s mouth that God wants him to say because Balaam had evil intentions.

What verse(s) are you referring to? 22:32?

Num 31.16 Behold these, on Balaam’s advice caused the people of Israel to act treacherously against the Lord in the incident Peor and so the plague came among the congregation of the Lord" ESV

Also 2nd Peter 2.15 & Jude 11 & Rev 2.14

Where does it say that that’s why God got angry in 22:22?

It doesn’t reference that verse but these relate to the scenario between God and Balaam and Balak. There was only one major incident relating to Balam in the bible to my knowledge.