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Obsolete: Forum will be read-only from March onwards

I am deeply grateful for those who did most of the heavy lifting that has made this forum possible. Of course, being able to regularly offer a relevant link to one of my papers posted here has also left me indebted to this site.

As one on board from the beginning, my participation ebbed and flowed, sometimes feeling questions explored earlier were repeatedly revisited, or topics of little personal interest were pursued. But I resonate with feeling that most social media doesn’t encourage the kind of safe forum where there is likely to be serious and sustained engagement with topics that have been explored on this one. And on FB forums, I’ve already heard a number who have moved on from the EU site express angst over this news in recognizing that many of their closest friends in such other venues were originally found when they were on this forum.

I enjoy other forums such as Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed, and Roger Olson’s blog, but am aware of nothing that facilitates the kind of engagement and relationships that this forum has fostered. And I will feel the sense of loss in losing it that others have expressed.

All the best to my past and present conversation partners here,
Bob Wilson


The reason I post anonymously is that I could potentially face negative real world repercussions for my theological views which, through anonymity, are easily avoided. Why take the risk?

Also, you want to look into the argumentum ad hominem fallacy, lol :slight_smile: I can be a total dirtbag and yet my argument, point or post could be totally correct - regardless of how evil or hypocritical I am. :slight_smile: But that said, I totally understand where you’re coming from and would prefer, myself, to not feel pressured to be anonymous.

In my ltd experience FB doesn’t suit serious, long discussions very well.

They’re around – they help check the spamcatcher for example – but their time and energy goes to FB nowadays, mostly.

The cost isn’t an issue (I’ve been paying the cost, or helping with it, for years; as have other ad/mods) – although the cost to pay someone to migrate us to another forum engine is three to six times what we pay a year for ‘rent’. (I’ve forgotten exactly how much but over a thousand dollars.) So rather than pay that we’re doing the migration ourselves.

We can’t promise that the new system will be such as to allow all members to create new threads (although comment function should easily continue), so that’s why we’re pointing to FB group communities (starting with the one first created by administrators some time ago, but that will lead to other ones), just to be safe. Pseudonyms work fine there for those who want them, and you aren’t required to fill in a bunch of true personal information for public (or even private) consumption. I assure you, the CIA and the NSA (and apparently the Chinese, and the Commonwealth side of the Five Eyes team :wink: ), are going to track what you’re saying and doing, even if you’re posting here or at the new forum/blog/whatever. :mrgreen:

Please note: WE AREN’T SIMPLY NUKING THE SITE! The landlord is going to knock down the house to build a new one, so we’re looking for a new house and trying to figure out what to pack and what not.

Since it’s possible our plans will fail, we’re giving an early alert for anyone wanting to make sure whatever material they care about is archived.

I’m also very sad to see this forum go as it had many fine contributors and i’ll miss it a lot. FB to my knowledge isn’t a platform for a forum with Topical threads although if this migrates there i’ll certainly check it out. I first found out about this forum from Paidion when he was on

If continuing this has anything to do with financial issues i would be happy to contribute.

To help with migrating the forum material, and/or for public or private archiving, I have created a new thread here:

Or if that doesn’t work you can try clicking this link.

Members can upload pdfs of your forum material to this thread – I’ve attached my extended (but still far from complete) ExCom notes as an example there in the first post.

I can’t guarantee we’ll take everything posted there over, but it could help us a lot; and it will also give members a chance to pick up collections of your work for private archiving if they want to.

Where do the mods/admins hang out? Is there a facebook page that is a good representative of the extent of thought that is shown here? Are there any familiar faces out there who left here and are now congregating somewhere? Is there a secret handshake?
I know that sometime ago there was an invitation-only site that some people here set up - I forget how I heard about it, the invite was not extended to me but that’s no problem - is that the nesting place for the birds that have flown the coop?

Because dear friends would stop talking to me. :wink:

Here are some Facebook universalism groups. They can be tricky to find, so I wanted to provide you with URLs. For many of them, you’ll need to request permission to join. They’re closed groups. That means that no one may read the group who is not a member. This protects members from the sort of things some are concerned about–that friends, family members, etc. might shun them if it was known that they believe God is actually good. :wink: You don’t have to use a real name, but if you don’t, moderators may question you as to your motives when you request permission to join. You might also get questions if your account is brand new. That’s because trolls often open fresh accounts in order to get into groups from which they’ve been banned. If you give credible reasons and are honest with the mods, they’ll generally respect your privacy and allow you to join.

Evangelical Universalism Invitation & Debate

Is Christian Universalism True?

The Inescapable Love of God

The End of us All

Jesus is Even Better than you Think

It can be tricky to find FB groups, so I thought this list might be helpful to folks.

Blessings, Cindy

Actually, the admins have been promoting two or three of the FB groups for a year or so on the announcement banner of the index page; those being the longest-running groups set up by forum members and from which other groups could be most likely found.

I don’t know how much less secret they could be. I also don’t know of any secret invitation-only sites; but public FB groups are often loosely “closed” in the FB sense of trying to make sure spammers don’t randomly join groups. The first two listed by Cindy (which have been promoted on the index page for a year or so) are not marked as “closed” at all. The second two are, but you basically just have to ask to join, I think.

Sure, I’ve seen them mentioned for the past year - I ‘assumed’ it was for those that preferred FB, not a prelude to current actions. And noone said :Hey I’m moving outta here as a mod and going to a FB site because (fill in the blank).

But of course “It’s all good” - our cheese is always being moved in some area or another of our life. Life is moving cheese!

I’m thankful for what you, JP , and the others have provided. A lot of work and thought and some cash too.

In technology, there really is no such thing - as a free lunch. I found this interesting article. It talks about the caps, hosting companies put on “unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage”…all for the amazing low price of XXX. Sounds similar to the Mobile phone company plans. And it’s geared to the layman - not geek or nerd. The article was last updated in February, 2017.

The Truth About Unlimited Hosting

three things you can count on death,taxes and change, the Trinity of life!

I once read, “The only things we can be sure about are death and taxes… and I’m not too sure about death.”

This forum has been a “light from many lamps” and I want to thank all those who worked hard to help create and maintain it over the years. I will surely miss everyone on here. Even though there have been disagreements, I considered this to be like a round table discussion amongst a group of friends, “breaking bread”, sharing thoughts and ideas, and learning a lot in the process. Somehow I feel like this is the last supper. :frowning: To all: I’d like to just say, keep the light burning until we meet again! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That reminds me of a song :question: :laughing:

That reminds me of a song :question: :laughing:

As Jesus said to his disciples before he ascended, “happy trails to you until we meet again.”

In a way, this saddens me that this message board will become read only. Now I’ll have to find other message boards
where Christians can attack me for what I believe. :smiley:

C’mon Eusebius… enough already with the *martyr complex * :laughing:

That ‘martyr’ post was ‘Justin’ time :laughing: